How nice it would be to never lose another flavorful shred of citrus zest to the grater holes?

Oranges, lemons, limes – you can loose so much zest in those little grater nubs, especially if you are using a box grater.  Use this simple trick and you won’t lost but a tiny bit.  Snce I use citrus zest in a TON of recipes, this trick has come in handy quite a bit.

Remember, once you get down below the bright yellow for lemons, green for limes, and orange for….well, you know: STOP.  the white pith beneath the zest is quite bitter, and not in a good way.  Just shave off the bright outer skin of the citrus fruit.

So what do you use citrus zest in?

And really anywhere you want to add a vibrant pop of tanginess and a touch of bittersweet.  If you want to amplify the citrus flavor in any dish calling for the juice or oranges, lemons, or limes, consider adding a bit of the zest, usually towards the end of the cooking time, so keep its flavor at its brightest.


  1. Don’t you worry that you’re grating a waxy substance in to your lemon zest, or whatever it is that parchment paper is made of?

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