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Discover a secret ingredient with a seductive combination of spice and smoke.

Do you know what is in chipotles and adobo sauce? Chipotle peppers, tomatoes, vinegar, a bit of sugar, paprika, and some spices. A whole lot of flavor is packed into one little can, and it’s one of my favorite ingredients to keep on hand to add seasoning and heat to all kinds of recipes, form South American to Mexican to Tex Mex.

The great news is that if you dump the whole can into a blender or food processor you end up with a thick paste that you can dip into again and again for weeks. It’s pretty spicy so a little goes a long way. It’s great to add to chilis and enchiladas and sauces.

You can store in in a little container in the fridge for up to 6 weeks (I have kept it longer, but in the interest of food safety I probably can’t advise this practice). A couple of teaspoons, more for larger pots of food, adds so much character, and instead of madding in a half dozen tiny amounts of various ingredients, it’s all combined for you in one little (very inexpensive) can.

Watch the video for more details. And here’s how to use it!

A New Favorite Secret Ingredient (Chipotle)


  1. Hello, I was eager to see your video on using chipotle as I’m not sure I will like it. Spicy things and I don’t get along very well. Unfortunately there isn’t a video, hopefully it’s just an error.

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