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Hey, there! I’m Katie—nice to meet you. I’m a cook, a writer, a mother of two, an activist in hunger issues, and an avid—but not judgy—advocate for and fan of home cooking.

Now here comes the part where I tell you what I’ve done with my work life so far and try not to sound braggy or fake humble.

I’ve written two books, The Mom 100 Cookbook (2012) and Dinner Solved! (2015), and they’ve sold well and have gotten lovely praise from publications such as Cooking Light, Tasting Table, and the New York Times.

I write a blog, which is called . . . hey! You’re on it! It was started in 2012 , when my kids were young and cooking for a family with little people was the focus of my kitchen world, so it was called themom100.com. But now, the kids are older, and one is in college (Do not get me started on this. I’m happy for him and all, but really, where the hell did time go?). I’m still cooking up a storm but less worried about whether everyone at the table likes capers or not. 

The Mom 100 blog won the BlogHer Voices of the Year award in 2013, which was a while ago but was quite exciting, so I’m going to point it out.

Contributing Food and Lifestyle Writer

I write a lot for a lot of websites and publications, besides the blog. I’m a columnist for the Associated Press and write regularly for Food52.com, NBCNews.com, thekitchn.com, and a bunch of other outlets. I’ve written for several magazines as well, such as Cooking Light, Eating Well, Rachael Ray Every Day, and Better Homes & Gardens.

Media and Video

And then there’s the on-screen stuff—most recently cohosting a new short-form cooking series on MyBluprint.com, called Real Life Cooking, and teaching an upcoming class titled Efficient Weeknight Cooking. I’ve appeared on several TV shows, from the Today show to Access Hollywood Live. Also, I’ve been a guest on radio (NPR and much else) and podcasts (such as Add Passion and Stir and Speaking Broadly).  I love radio and podcasts.

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Other Stuff

Before my life as a food writer, I was a food editor and marketing professional, working on cookbooks at Clarkson Potter/Random House (everything from Pillsbury to Stephen Pyles). I also cofounded the original (no longer live) Cookstr website (remember the economy in 2008? Good times). I’ve taught cooking classes at places like Stonewall Kitchen and Eataly, participated in and hosted various food panels at conferences such as IACP, Mom 2.0, and the International Food Bloggers Conference, consulted with brands (see below), helped launch a meal-kit business with FreshDirect, catered . . . you know, lots of culinary things

Hunger Relief Advocacy

Fighting to fix the portentous hunger situation in this country is my number-one top cause. I sit on the board of City Harvest, New York’s leading food-rescue nonprofit, and I’m also a member of their Food Council. For the past 25 years, I’ve been actively involved with Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to eradicating childhood hunger, and I am now on their Leadership Council of No Kid Hungry, the campaign to end childhood hunger.

The Family

I live with my pretty great husband and younger son in New York City (the older one—as mentioned above—is in college and misses my tacos). Our dining table can just barely fit ten people, which often comes in handy, since we have a serious open door household, which often means that there are others pulling up a chair for a meal. Also: we are thinking about getting another puppy.

The Photo Studio

I also run a shoot-in kitchen and photo studio which is available for rent on a project basis. It’s kind of awesome, and I love working there. It is appropriate for videos, all kinds of food and product shoots, and it is also a great space for hosting smaller events such as chef demos, product launches, and intimate dinners and cocktail parties. Click here to learn more.

Katie sits on the board of City Harvest, New York’s leading food rescue nonprofit, and is also a member of their Food Council.  For the past 25 years has been an active supporter of No Kid Hungry/Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to eradicating childhood hunger, and now sits on their Leadership Council.

Working with Katie

I work selectively with brands and companies such as Cost Plus World Market, GE Appliances, Nestlé, Driscoll’s, Bob’s Red Mill, and the American Lamb Board. In this work I have created video, acted as a spokesperson, and developed custom content and recipes. I put every bit as much energy and attention into my work with the companies I work with as I do with my own recipes and projects. I only team up with partners and brands that I can truly get behind and that are fitting matches. I love a great collaboration—that’s why these partnerships are so much fun and work so well. 

If you are a brand, a food board an agency, or someone with a fun, cool idea and want to work with me, reach out! I am always up for a smart, on-brand collaboration—from sponsored blog posts to consulting to videos to content and recipe development. You can reach me at katie@themom100.com or by using the contact form below.

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