6 Super Simple Weeknight Dinner Salmon Recipes

We never get tired of salmon. It’s easy to handle, it’s got great flavor, silky richness, and it’s extremely versatile.  It takes well to almost every kind of cooking treatment—sautéing, roasting, poaching, and you can’t get tired of it because you can shower it with seasonings from any cuisine—Asian, Mediterranean, and any version of “New American” ingredients (I don’t even know what I mean by that, but I guess I’m thinking of salmon dishes that you would find in a cool neighborhood restaurant. Salmon is available everywhere. You can use farmed salmon or seek out wild Alaska salmon when it’s …

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Creamy Scalloped Potatoes

The perfect way to round out any holiday meal.

If you need to make a meal feel holiday-ish, adding a pan of scalloped potatoes is a very good way to accomplish that goal. And if you want to go down a recipe name/origin/definition rabbit hole, start googling the difference between Potatoes Gratin (or Potatoes au Gratin) and Scalloped Potatoes. There are a lot of thoughts on this meaningful topic. So, What is the Difference Between Potatoes Gratin and Scalloped Potatoes? Many of us use these terms interchangeably, and at this point there is no clear definition for each, so when you see one or the other in a recipe …

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Lemon Curd

What you do with it is the fun part.

So, what is lemon curd, and what do you do with it? Lemon curd is essentially a preserve or condiment make with lemon juice, eggs, sugar and butter.  It gets blended and softly warmed so that the eggs thicken the mixture.  Butter finishes it off and smoothes it out. What you do with it is the fun part.  Use it on toast, scones, biscuits, English muffins, blend it into whipped cream to layer with cake and fruit in a trifle, top a cheesecake with a layer, fill a cake with it, stir it into yogurt, spoon it onto a slice …

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Ebinger’s Blackout Cake

The legend, the recipe.

If you don’t like very chocolately chocolate cake then you should move along quickly.  Perhaps you’d like to read about Fruit Salad on a Stick?  Or Shredded Sauteed Brussels Sprouts?  They actually quite delicious. Now that we’ve gotten rid of the crazy people….. Ebinger’s Bakery opened in 1898, and grew into a string of 54 bakeries, all over Brooklyn – it was THE bakery, packed with favorites people were crazy about.  Probably the most popular item was the Ebinger’s Blackout Cake, a chocolate monument that Brooklynites lived and died by.  The following was rabid. And then, abruptly, Ebinger’s went bankrupt …

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How to Cook Sunchokes

Maybe you’ve been lured in by some of the fabulous seasonal produce at a farmers market. Maybe you’ve joined a CSA. Maybe you’ve seen recipes that feature Sunchokes (also called Jerusalem Artichokes), or tried a dish—savory or sweet—made with Sunchokes or Jerusalem Artichokes at a restaurant and you’d like to give cooking with them a shot. And most of us don’t know exactly how to cook (or shop for or store or prepare) Sunchokes. This is about to change! FAQs About Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes) What are Sunchokes? Sunchokes also go by the names Jerusalem Artichokes, sunflower choke, or sunroot, and …

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