Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad with Anchovy Vinaigrette

I'm aware this recipe title might not make everyone leap towards the stove. You'll have to trust, and give it a go.

I think this is (possibly) the best Brussels sprouts recipe I have ever made.  They are roasted and then while still warm tossed with an assertive dressing that makes your mouth jump up and down with joy.  And for those who don’t like Brussels sprouts (and in fact my family is divided), well, more for …

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The Felix Hot Ginger Apple Toddy

Warmed apple cider with spices and a bit of booze. Yes, sir, I would love a mugful.

About three years ago we finally redid our kitchen and living area. We hit that magical juncture in life when we’d finally saved up the money and when we couldn’t stand living like post-college students for another minute. And we are definitely a family who wants our house (in this case apartment) to feel like …

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Shortcut Moussaka

Last year a friend of mine became a first-time grandmother, and when we went out to lunch she was exhausted from her first weeks of grandmotherly duty.  She had been cooking meals for the new parents, and collapsed into her chair, saying that she had been making a moussaka and didn’t finish before she had …

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