Beet Berry Smoothie Bowl

Refreshing, clean, and rejuvenating.

This smoothie bowl is one of my favorite breakfast choices in a long time. We found it completely refreshing and clean and rejuvenating. Exactly how you want to start your day. The jarred beets are a little bit of the secret. First of all, the color of this is breathtaking. As you can see. If you have any doubt that you eat with your eyes, this bowl might change that thinking. Beets are naturally sweet, and the fact that the beets are pickled adds acidity to the bowls, and acidity is always nice in pretty much every recipe you can …

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In the month of Ramadan, observant Muslims perform daily fasts from dawn to dusk every day, only breaking the fast with a meal (usually a light one) after the sun sets.   During the daylight hours other affirmative customs are also practiced, such as a renewed attention to charity work, and additional prayer.   Fasting is intended to cleanse the soul, allowing Muslims to take time to turn their attention inward, away from material things. At the end of the month, there is a celebration as they end the month of abstinence. One of the dishes that appears on the table during …

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Best Parmesan Roasted Broccoli

Delicious, easy to make, and goes with pretty much everything.

The Best Way to Cook Broccoli Many a night I roast broccoli with just olive oil and salt and pepper and you can do just that following the directions below, skipping any other ingredients. Or, you can add just the garlic. Or you can add the garlic and the Parmesan and skip the lemon. Or use the lemon and skip the Parmesan.  However you decide to make it happen one any particular night, your aren’t going to go wrong with roasting. Basically, you need the broccoli and the olive oil and the salt and the pepper and the baking sheet …

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15-Minute Hoisin Shrimp

You won’t believe how flavorful this shrimp stir fry is —and ready in the blink of the eye.

Put some jumbo or colossal shrimp in front of me and I become a jumbo or colossal glutton. I get a little glassy eyed, and there is a thought bubble over my head that says something complex like “SHRIMPSHRIMPSHIRMP”. Year ago Gary and I went to Las Vegas on a work trip….I was a showgirl, you see, and….NO, I wasn’t a showgirl, though as the years creep past I wonder more about what those things would be like, as I struggle my way through a Body Scuplt class. Anyway, NO, it wasn’t my work trip, but rather Gary’s when he …

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5 Great Salads for Spring

I’m writing this newsletter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where our family is enjoying a long-awaited, splurgey ski vacation with some friends. I’m typing this with one leg propped up on a chair and an ice pack on my knee, since a certain Mom 100 overdid it on the first day and managed to slightly tear her meniscus (and if you don’t know what a meniscus is, you’re lucky, and you shouldn’t even bother to look it up). I am looking out the window at some seriously snow-covered hills, and alternately thinking of Stevie Nicks (if you get this reference and …

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