Cavatappi with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Pesto

It's hard to make a summer produce pasta that not a stunner.

Summer, summer, summer.  The word is fat and round and breezy and rolls around nicely on the tongue.  And we want our food to be breezy, too. If you have basil and tomatoes growing in your garden, make this.  If you have a farmers’ market near you, make this.  If you have leftover pesto hanging around, even store-bought, you can still make this. You’ll cook the pasta and make the pesto in the time it takes to roast the little tomatoes.  You can see that I used yellow tomatoes in many of these pics..  No reason; it’s what I had.  …

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5 Great Summer Drinks

If there is one thing, one single thing, that I think you can do to make a gathering feel more special, it’s to offer up a signature drink. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be alcoholic, simply make one beverage just for the occasion, and present it to your guests in addition to the usual assortment of soft drinks, beer, and wine. It just says, hey there, I put some extra thought into this occasion—thanks for coming over. This is a good idea all year long (hot ginger apple cider toddies for the winter? Yes, please), but …

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Citrus Marinated Salmon with Zesty Sauce

10 minutes of hands on time, and 10 minutes of cooking.

When two of my nieces were young they, like many kids, didn’t like fish. Or so they thought. Little did they know that the tender pink filets they had been happily inhaling at the table were in fact salmon, and not (as my brother-in-law had them believing) a delicacy called Barbie Chicken. Oh, please save any comments about girls and pink and deceiving kids into eating things; I know—I’ve run through all of those in my mind, and what I am left with is admiration for a man who used his wits to get his kids to fall in love …

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How to Cook Hearts of Palm

Me and hearts of palm, we have a thing. I always loved them (more on why you should love them too in two tics). And then when I was pregnant with Charlie they were my top craving. I ate at least a half jar a day. Whatever was not great about them was offset by the fact that I wasn’t eating a cheesecake, so I felt good about that.  I didn’t say there was no cheesecake, just not daily cheesecake. What Are Hearts of Palm? The most obvious question is….are these really the hearts of palm trees? And the answer …

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