Salted Butterscotch Pie

Smooth and creamy and the caramelized brown sugar salty-sweet thing going on that hits you in the back of the throat in the most pleasant way.

Oh, wow, are we ever heading into the biggest pie season of the year! And my family is all in – perhaps never having met a pie they didn’t like. Apple, sweet potato, quiches and other savory pies, you name it. But I had never made a butterscotch pie. Just the name alone is marvelously old-fashioned. I started looking at various butterscotch pie recipes for inspiration, searching online, and from older nostalgia-inducing cookbooks. Many recipes used words like “scald,” sometimes double boilers and ice baths were called for, and in days of yore crusts were always made from scratch. And …

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11 Casseroles, Soups (and More) Recipes Using Leftover Turkey

I get a little OCD about making sure I am taking full advantage of leftovers, and Thanksgiving is like the Olympics of leftover repurposing. One can only eat so many turkey sandwiches, right? And then we need to move on, and figure out how to turn all that leftover turkey into delicious meals the family will be excited to see later in the week. Here are a bunch of options – and remember, anywhere you can use leftover shredded chicken, turkey is pretty much fair game! If you’re looking for a great turkey recipe, check out this Dry Brined Holiday …

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Spicy Lemon Shrimp Over Rice

Like a cleaner, fresher shrimp scampi.

I never, ever get tired of shrimp scampi, and judging by its ubiquitous presence on Italian menus of all stripes, from red-checked tablecloth joints to high end places with white starched linen tablecloths, no one else does either. Plump firm shrimp sautéed with garlic in a copious amount of olive oil. A crowd-pleaser if ever there was. But in the heat of the summer (and for anyone in the tri-state region, along with a crapload of other areas of the country and the world, this summer has been a true anvil of a scorcher), anything I can lighten up in …

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How to Make Puff Pastry Croutons

Most of us usually think of puff pastry when it comes to dessert, but sometimes forget about how many ways it can be used in savory ways. The most classic types of appearance for puff pastry in a savory dish might be atop a chicken or other pot pie, or wrapping a piece of meat or Beef Wellington (such a delightfully old fashioned dish, that I may need to make for my boyfolk soon). But recently I came up with these puff pastry croutons, and mighty pleased with myself I was. You can cut them into any shape you like, …

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Roasted Squash with Salsa Verde and Whipped Feta and Ricotta

Most of the time I end up putting my energy into the main course. You, too, right? The side dishes then have a tiered level of time and effort afforded to each of them, often ending with something exciting like “rice”.   But sometimes it just makes sense to flip that paradigm on its head, keep the main dish undemanding and uncomplicated, and show the side dishes some love. Pick an entrée that can be tossed in the oven, and then—other than the setting of a timer, and maybe an occasional basting—be ignored. A roast chicken, a filet, a leg of …

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Ham and Cheese Pie

A savory pie is something I forget about for months on end, and then when I see one in a specialty foods store or a restaurant I give myself a mental elbow to put this idea back on the front burner. They are so easy, and satisfying – they can be made ahead, and usually reheat like a dream (or can be eaten at room temp). They are also very portable, and comforting. And as I’ve made clear many a time – it’s a rare day on the old Workman ranch when I am making my own pie crust. Just …

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