How to Cook Swiss Chard

What is Swiss Chard? Swiss chard (also known just simply as chard) is a leafy green vegetable related to beets and spinach.   What Does Swiss Chard Look Like? The leaves are large and dark green, with pronounced ribbing, and sometimes the stalks will be all one color, usually red or white, and sometimes they will be a blend of colors, with stems of red, pink, orange, yellow and white. This variety is usually called Rainbow Chard or Bright Lights Swiss Chard for obvious reasons. The colors will fade somewhat in the cooking process, but boy are they pretty to …

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Hearts of Palm Salad

Hearts of palm get their moment in the spotlight in this satisfying salad.

When I was pregnant with Jack, I cooked and ate a one pound bag of edamame almost every day. I know there is some discussion about how much soy one should have in one’s diet, but if you sidestep that dietary discussion, there are worse things one might have as a daily pregnancy habit. When I was pregnant with Charlie, a few years later, the craving moved from edamame to hearts of palm. This was a slightly more expensive habit, and a little more sodium-heavy, but all in all something I didn’t hesitate to indulge myself in. I used to …

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Chicken Larb

Once you try this you will find yourself saying things like, “Who else is in the mood for larb tonight?”

There are some food words that are just so pretty, so evocative of what’s on offer.   Tartlet. Soufflé. Quiche. Fondue (And that’s when she realizes all of the examples she picked were French words.) Anyway, to hear one of this dishes named is to want it, and now. Larb is perhaps not such a word. Larb, according to Wikipedia, is “a type of Lao meat salad that is regarded as the “unofficial” national dish of Laos.” This is not helping. The phrase meat salad never conjured up anything too enticing for anyone. Unless you are Ron Swanson (of Parks and …

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Egg and Potato Salad with Bacon

Who is the genius who conceived of mixing egg salad AND potato salad together? We need to thank them.

When I was a young adult person, pre-marriage, pre-kids, I remember discovering egg potato salad at the deli counter and wondering who the genius was who conceived of mixing egg salad AND potato salad together. Who?  If you know, please tell me, as I would like to properly thank this person.  And now, Egg and Potato Salad with Bacon. Me oh my oh. If you like the rich, creaminess of egg salad, and the (also creamy) textural nature of a perfect potato salad, then you know that the two together are a thing of beauty. When I was a new …

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Barbecue Sauce

No artificial sweeteners or ingredients, and it keeps in the fridge for weeks!

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