Greek Salad with Flank Steak

When you can't decide between salad and steak (and you want have your steak but eat it, too - or something like that).

Quite often I think a simple Greek salad is perfect as is, no adornments needed.  But you may notice that in eateries from diners to higher end restaurants you often get a choice of adding a protein, usually chicken, shrimp, or steak.  And it’s true, that extra protein does make a salad feel more like a fully rounded meal. A few slices of pink, perfectly cooked slices of steak draped across a colorful bowl of Greek salad is a lunch or dinner that knows no season but that feels particularly nice as the weather warms up.  You can serve it …

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Tonkatsu-Style Cutlets

Crunchy, tender, sweet, salty, tangy – this dish merits no shortage of appealing adjectives.

Many cuisines have a version of a breaded fried cutlet, and the Japanese version, called Tonkatsu, or katsu for short, is a pretty terrific take on the theme. It’s considered an East-meets-West Japanese comfort food, usually made with pork, sometimes chicken, that has been sliced or pounded thin, dredged in four, then beaten egg, then rough Panko breadcrumbs and fried. Sometimes tonkatsu is deep-fried, sometimes more reservedly sautéed in a pan, which is really what I can justify in my home kitchen. I am such a little sushi addict that when I go out to a Japanese restaurant (which comprises …

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Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

The average American eats somewhere around 140 pounds of potatoes a year or 365 potatoes per person–that’s an average of a potato a day.  But only around a quarter of those potatoes are fresh (versus frozen, dehydrated or in chip form).  Let’s give that percentage a little bump up shall we? Fingerling potatoes are small, slim, stubby potatoes – finger-shaped, as it happens.  They have thin skins and cook up quickly, especially if you slice them in half, so when time is a factor they are just the ticket.  Besides being cute and delicious and all of that. Roasting is …

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