Honey Roasted Figs

Can fresh figs get any better? Possibly.

Honey Roasted Figs / Katie Workman / themom100.com
I am always looking for a way to change up and class up a cheese and/or salami platter (I’ve decided that the phrase and/or is now back in rotation – it says so much, and allow for such delicious ambiguity).

For this one I just sliced some figs in half, threw them sliced side up on a baking sheet, put a shard of butter on top of each, drizzled over a teeny bit of some truffle honey that I was gifted (the smell alone is pure heaven, but you can certainly use plain old honey instead), sprinkled on a few flakes of sea salt, and roasted them in a preheated 350°F oven for 20 minutes until they softened and caramelized a bit.  (The word “caramelized” has never left the go-to word lexicon.  It’s possibly the loveliest food word there is).

I made these and served them up along with some slabs of a semi-aged goat cheese for a friend’s bridal shower.  Usually I get a bit crazy with cheese platters, in a more is better way.  This time I wanted to show off the figs, so I held back.  Some crusty sliced bread on the side, a few lime wedges for optional squeezing over the figs, and you are in business.

Honey Roasted Figs


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