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Passover dinner, or seder, is one of the Jewish holidays that call for celebrating with family and friends. There is so much history and symbolism associated with the holiday, and so many foods as well. Brisket, charoset, and, of course, matzoh, as nothing leavened can be eaten according to the Jewish dietary laws. Thank goodness for nut-free flourless chocolate cake!

Jewish Brisket on a plate with asparagus.
Jewish Brisket with asparagus

20 Passover Recipes: An assortment of holiday-perfect recipes, from Jewish brisket to charoset to chocolate covered matzoh.

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If you are a Kosher household, or keeping Kosher for the holidays than you should be sure to check your menu as you pull it together to make sure it follows the laws of Kashrut (no mixing of meat and dairy, no leavened bread or fermented grain products {chametz}).

Spoon scooping Charoset onto Matzoh.

If you are just looking to create a menu that feels festive and Passover-ish in nature, then perhaps your menu won’t be strictly Kosher, but it will feel like the holidays nonetheless.

20 Recipes for Passover

Chocolate Covered Caramelized Matzoh

Chocolate Covered Caramel Matzoh

This matzoh is covered in a toffee-like layer, then draped in melted chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of plain flaky salt or chopped nuts. It is the best end to Passover dinner imaginable.

Yellow bowl of Charoset.


Charoset is one of the 6 symbolic foods on the seder plate during Passover, but beyond being symbolic it’s actually pretty delicious, too.

Wooden spatula pushing Matzoh Brei from a skillet to a plate.

Matzoh Brei

Matzoh brei is not much more than scrambled eggs with broken-up pieces of matzoh. It's one of the simplest and most delicious ways to use up leftover matzoh ever.

Chicken Marbella on a lined baking sheet.

Silver Palate Chicken Marbella

The timeless recipe for one of the best chicken dishes ever from The Silver Palate Cookbook. Chicken Marbella is on our table at pretty much every Passover dinner — as non-negotiable as the brisket!

Jewish Brisket for the Holidays

Jewish Brisket for the Holidays

It's not Passover in our house without a brisket. This is easy to make ahead, and even better that way! Leftovers are wonderful in soups and in sandwiches.

Beef Brisket with Wild Mushrooms

Beef Brisket with Wild Mushrooms

Another brisket recipe, this one with a tangle of mushrooms.

Chocolate Covered Caramelized Matzoh S’Mores

Chocolate Covered Caramelized Matzoh S’Mores

Marshmallows get squished between two layers of toffee chocolate matzoh in one of the greatest things to happen to a piece of matzoh. Ever.

Red Salad with Radicchio, Citrus, Honey and Thyme Vinaigrette on a plate.

Red Salad with Citrus, Honey, and Thyme Vinaigrette

When you need a flavorful salad that adds a pop of color to a meal, this red salad is just the ticket. Perfect for hioliday dinners!

Chicken Thighs with Onions and Green Olives / Sarah Crowder / Katie Workman /

Chicken Thighs with Onions and Green Olives

Braised chicken is a traditional Jewish holiday dish, and this one has so much flavor thanks to the lemons and olives.

How to Roast Carrots

How to Roast Carrots

Roasted carrots bring color, flavor, and nutrition to any Passover menu. You can drizzle over a sauce if you'd like to make them fancier!

Spinach Salad with Roasted Fennel

Spinach Salad with Roasted Fennel

Passover meals can be heavy, so make sure there is a salad to brighten and lighten up the plate. This one includes Paremsan-roasted fennel with spinach, arugula, and red onion in a lemony vinaigrette.

Whole roasted chicken on wire rack.

How to Make a Perfect Roast Chicken

A roast chicken is always a great option for a Passover seder.

Parchment paper with a line of Roasted Asparagus.

How to Roast Asparagus

Since Passover usually coincides with the earliest days of spring, roasted asparagus is welcome on the menu.

Braised Cipollini Onions with Dried Cherries

Braised Cipollini Onions with Dried Cherries

These little sweet and sour onions go so well with all kinds of braised and roasted meats.

Green Salad with Chickpeas and Spicy Honey Tahini Dressing

Green Salad with Chickpeas and Spicy Honey Tahini Dressing

A crunchy salad studded with chickpeas is tossed with a creamy, lemony savory dressing with a tiny kick of heat.

Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad with Tahini Dressing

Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad with Tahini Dressing

This roasted cauliflower salad has a Middle Eastern vibe thanks to the nutty sesame-based dressing.

Spoon resting on a baking sheet of Roasted Marinated Chicken and Potatoes.

Sheet Pan Chicken and Potatoes

I absolutely love this chicken and potatoes dish, with the marinade and juices from the chicken dripping into the potatoes as it all roasts together.

Green Beans with Tarragon Vinaigrette / Photo by Sarah Crowder / Katie Workman /

Green Beans with Tarragon Vinaigrette

A simple green bean side that goes with just about anythng.

Skillet of Braised Chicken, Mushrooms and Baby Artichokes set on a white, wooden table.

Braised Chicken, Mushrooms, and Baby Artichokes

On the lighter side, and a great option if you have access to fresh baby artichokes, which appear at the beginning of spring.

Nut-Free Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberries

Nut-Free Flourless Chocolate Cake

This gluten-free cake is perfect for Passover or any time you need a rich chocolate finale without nuts or flour.