Mini Graze Board

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Crackers, dips, and cucumbers on a board.

I often create graze boards for entertaining, but these days gatherings are smaller, and often you are just hunkered down with your family. This is one of the graze boards I’ve made for just such a small-group occasion. It feels special, but you don’t need to put out a ton of food for it to look beautiful.

Olives, cheese, vegetables, and meat on a board.

Click here for the what’s what on how to put together your own graze board.

And here’s what’s happening below!

Mini Graze Board

From top around the board clockwise:

A graze board or graze platter can serve as an appetizer, or even a meal if it’s ample enough and if your occasion is pretty casual. I’ve been making them for years, and before Pinterest made the phrase “Graze Board” a Thing I called them board meals. It was a way to clean out the fridge, and present it all in one place in the guise of dinner.

Mini Graze Board: Whether you are looking for a fun and different family meal, or an appetizer for a small group, think of a mini graze board.

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Board with crackers, dips, apples, cucumbers, and cheese.

It’s not something I usually serve at the dining table – it’s more the type of thing I would plunk down on the coffee table for my family to nosh on as we watched a movie or something on tv, or (much more rarely, sadly) something to pick at during a Monopoly marathon or other game night situation. Why don’t we have more game nights? I don’t know.

Sometimes, especially when it’s really intended to be dinner, and the people eating the Graze Board are family or very close friends, I’ll really clean out the fridge. Sliced leftover chicken breasts, or pork chops, some roasted vegetables. Frittata wedges, a salsa, some triangles of leftover quesadilla, either heated or just at room temp, small pieces of quiche. When I’m really going for the ground zero clean fridge, there’s almost nothing that’s off limits.

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