Hot Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Dip

The words "hot dip" seem to really get people's attention.

I arrived at my friend’s house with pound of mushrooms and a big bunch of spinach that were imploring me to use them, and without delay (some people bring wine or flowers – amateurs).  I had not a whole lot of other ingredients.  I had a hankering for a hot dip (meaning I was awake, …

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Prosciutto and Pork Banh Mi

Prosciutto, slow roasted pork, and a pile of pickley vegetables makes this sandwich something to daydream about.

I do not want to oversell this sandwich, because I want you to bite into it, and close your eyes, and have that moment where time stands still, and you realize that true beauty exists in the world. How did I do on the not overselling thing? The very minute you think that you might …

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Great Food Gifts for Families

It’s time to start thinking about presents, which I happen to love, love, love to do.  And because I also happen to love food, naturally I think along the lines of food-centric gifts for the people on my list. Here are some family-sized, family-style food presents that I will be sorting through this year for …

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