Sour Cream Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Sometimes simple is just what the doctor ordered.

Woke up in New Orleans this morning, went to grab cup of coffee in little convenience store. “Do you have decaf?” “No, sorry, we have regular.” “Do you have milk?” “We have cream.” Then the guy chatting with the cashier says “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll open the bar next door and get you some milk.” …

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Lardons, Goat Cheese and Spinach Frittata

Our family is busy.  Busy, I tell you.  Busy in that the weeknight dinners that we aim for regularly are becoming harder, which I feel stupid admitting, but it’s true.  Two active teenage boys, two working adults; this doesn’t add up to laid-back weeknight dinners with four people present.  Weekend nights?  Different kinds of commitments, …

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