Chicken with Tomato and Leek Pan Sauce with Jasmine Rice

A summery pan sauce turns a package of chicken breasts into a colorful quick dinner.

This is a shiny example of how a pan-sauce can save the day, or at least save you from another night of chicken cutlet boredom.  Knowing how to make a pan sauce is a serious cooking life skill, up there with making good eggs of some kind, and roasting a chicken. In terms of timing, …

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Fractaled Chocolate and Peanut Cookies

Hand-chopping chocolate bars is quick and very rewarding, as these striated cookies prove.

We all love chocolate chip cookies, we all love chocolate chunk cookies, but there is a particular pleasure that comes from taking the time to chop up bars of semi- or bitter-sweet chocolate by hand — you will be rewarded with pretty striated (or fractaled, and I hope I’m using that word somewhat properly) cookies …

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