Swiss Chard Frittata

Just perfect for a brunch.

I can’t keep talking about kale any more, I can’t and I won’t and if it sounds like I am having a little leafy green tantrum, well maybe I am.  There are other greens, dammit, and they need to have their voices heard.  If you’ve been noticing a lot of chard on this blog in …

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Chipotle Barbecue Turkey Burgers

The turkey burger that just might convert the turkey burger skittish.

I always get a little mad when I ask guests at a barbecue, “Who wants beef burgers?” and tons of hands shoot up and then I ask, “Who wants turkey?” and everyone yanks their hands down and only a couple go up. Really, even now, people still have so much hesitation about turkey burgers? Yes, yes, I understand …

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Six Great Grain Salads

You go through food phases, right? Periods of time when you want to eat only one thing, or one type of thing, almost all the time? Sometimes to the chagrin of those around you? The phase I have been in as of late is The Great Grain Salad Phase. I’m mixing and matching different cooked grains …

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