Super Bowl Sunday

To be candid, I had to ask my husband which teams are playing in the Super Bowl (it’s the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, in case you were also in the dark), so it’s not exactly like I am a football aficionado. I don’t actually think football fans use the word aficionado very much. Had …

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Warm Jalapeno Popper Dip

It's like a hundred jalapeno poppers got together and made themselves into a dip.

I remember when I first heard abut jalapeno poppers. My friend Deb, who was a amateur body builder at the time in Washington D.C., explained to me what they were, wild-eyed, holding onto my arm, as though she was telling me about an Egyptian tomb she has uncovered after years of searching. “They’re jalapeno peppers! …

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Hot Cheesy Scallion Kale Dip

It’s Super Bowl week, which instantly translates to Hot Dip Week in our house.  I just can’t properly articulate how much more we love a hot dip than a room temperature dip.  And we love room temperature dips, please, do not misunderstand.  But a hot dip….truly in a class by itself.  This one contains kale, …

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