Marinated Petit Filets

Petit filets of beef are tender and lean at the same time, and usually less pricy than a full trimmed tenderloin.

Petit beef filets are a great cut of meat to get to know.  They are usually less expensive than the larger filet mignon cuts, sometimes, significantly, and they cook up quite quickly.  It comes from the chuck area but these small tenderloins are flavorful and juicy, yet still a lean cut of meat.  They can weigh …

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Hot Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Dip

The words "hot dip" seem to really get people's attention.

I arrived at my friend’s house with pound of mushrooms and a big bunch of spinach that were imploring me to use them, and without delay (some people bring wine or flowers – amateurs).  I had not a whole lot of other ingredients.  I had a hankering for a hot dip (meaning I was awake, …

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