Ramp Chimichurri Crostinis

A crunchy bite of spring.

Now that you’ve made your Ramp Chimichurri Sauce, what will you do with it? Well, one great way to use this sauce (and any kind of pesto-ish sauce) is to add kick to bruschetta or crostini. Crostini and bruschetta are kind of an obsession for me. They are my go-to appetizer when I have guests …

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Green Olive and Ramp Tapenade

Spicy and spring-ey.

Tapenades (which are mixtures of chopped olives, capers, olie oil and often anchovies) are very lovely condiments to have around, like pestos, and can be used in so many ways to spark up a meal.  This one makes the most of ramps duirng their brief season, but you could use shallots instead, or a couple …

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Two Flatbreads

If you’ve ever been over to dinner at my place you probably know that I am a big fan of crostini, flatbreads, and bruschetta for appetizers.  The reason I love all of the above is similar – you can take bits and pieces of ingredients, buy a good flatbread, pizza crust, or plain old chunk …

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Do You Like Pizza?

Just kidding. Of course you do. And don’t you wish you could make it really, really well at home? Of course you do. Baking teacher/pizza genius Peter Reinhart is offering an online mini class, Perfect Pizza at Home on Craftsy, and now you can take it for FREE. No more soggy or tough pizza crust, …

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