What Are Golden Berries?

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Golden berries still in their husks.

Golden Berries are in the nightshade family, actually related to the tomatillo, which makes sense when you see them nestled in their slightly sticky little paper husk leaves (which need to be removed before eating). They originated in the Andes mountains in South America,  and now are grown in temperate climates, and a variety of species and a large crop comes from Mexico.

Golden berries on a white countertop.

Other Names for Golden Berries

Husk berries, husk cherry, poha berry, Inca blueberries, Peruvian cherries or groundcherries, Aztec berries, Cape gooseberries, ground cherries, harankash and more. Lots of names for this popular member of the nightshade family!

What Do Golden Berries Taste Like?

The fairly tropical taste ranges from tart to sweet, and has been described like a cross between a tomato, mango and a pineapple.

When Are Golden Berries Available?

These days golden berries are available year round, though their peak season is mid spring to late summer.

How Do You Know When Golden Berries are Ripe?

Look for fruit with no signs of green, and that are firm with a bit of give and a rich yellow color. That means they are ripe. They will have dried paper husks surrounding the berries, which you must remove before eating. They are about the size of baby tomatoes.

Golden berries still in their husks.

Where Can You Find Golden Berries?

You can buy them at certain farmers’ markets and markets with a nice specialty produce section. Also, online!

How Do You Eat Golden Berries?

You can buy and eat them fresh or dried. Fresh – remove their husks before eating. They have a slightly sticky sap on them which is not harmful and doesn’t have an unpleasant flavor – it’s fine to eat, or you can rinse them before eating.

They can be eaten plain as snacks, added to fruit salads or green salads, added to smoothies, relishes and chutneys. They can be used to top granola or yogurt or ice cream, or made into jams and jellies. They are great added to a grazing board, providing color, interest, and fresh sweetness.

What Are Golden Berries? Everything you need to know about buying, storing, and eating this delicious, juicy fruit.

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Woman removing the husk from a golden berry.

Do not eat unripe golden berries which contain solanine, a natural toxin that can cause stomach distress in significant amounts.

Are Golden Berries Nutritious?

They are high in fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, Niacin, and they are a great source of antioxidants.

How Do You Store Golden Berries?

Store them in their husks in the fridge, in the packaging they came in. They should last up to a week.

Golden berry cut in half.

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