How to Make Perfect Roasted Peppers

You see them gleaming on antipasti platters, or behind the glass at high end prepared food counters. Silky, brightly colored roasted peppers. Tender, lush, velvety, slightly smoky. And now you are going to make those exact peppers at home. If you like roasted peppers you should think to make a couple whenever you turn on the broiler or the grill, as they take minutes, and then you’ll have them in your fridge to eat and cook with all week long. Any color pepper works: red, orange, yellow, green, purple, striped, whatever. And you can do as many as you like …

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5 Great Cheesy Recipes

The word “cheesy” is often used in a negative way, and it makes me sad, I must tell you. Many of the best foods in the world might be described with that adjective. Let’s redeem cheesy. Writer Clifton Fadiman put it well: “Cheese—milk’s leap towards immortality.” Even the names roll deliciously off the tongue. Taleggio, fontina, mozzarella, Gruyère, Brie, Camembert, chèvre, gorgonzola, parmesan, muenster . . . well, maybe not muenster. And the sheer versatility! Melty or crumbly, creamy or firm, fresh or aged, delicate or sharp, made from the milk of sheep or cows or goats, or a combination …

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10 Must-Have Pantry Ingredients

A question that is often asked of cooks, food writers and people whose lives revolve around their kitchens: what is your favorite ingredient? My answer is pretty much always a combo of two, olive oil and salt.  But that is just the beginning.  Here are some of the everyday pantry staples that make cooking a pleasure, food delicious, and weeknight meals easy.  Plus some ideas for how to put them to good use. 1. Olive Oil, Pure and/or Extra Virgin Olive Oil In a perfect world, you’ll have both kinds on hand, more if you are interested in a variety …

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