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My job is a lot of fun. It’s also a lot of work. On most days it’s both at the same time. Then every once in a while I get to do something that is so much fun, I can’t quite even think of it as work.

That’s pretty much how I felt when asked me if I wanted to curate a selection of my favorite products on their site in a back-to-school themed selection. Gee, would I want to pick my absolute fave artisanal food products and have them presented as Katie’s Picks of the Month? Well, yeah, I guess so, I mean I was going to replace the dead light bulbs in the bathroom today, but I guess that can wait.

Woo hoo! Seriously, if you’ve never spent some time on (an amazing go-to site for indie food), fix that right now. And if you order any of the products I picked, and use the code Katie15, you will get a 15% off discount! Great products, plus a discount. Happiness.

Katie's Picks -

And of course they are featuring Dinner Solved!, which is also awesome. But really, let me tell you about the Applewood Smoked Uncured Bacon, which is redefining bacon in my house. Or the Classic Sour Pickles that need to be served with every sandwich. Or the Cremont cheese that is so dangerously good that I can only take it out when I have people who will share it with me.

Order these products, support artisanal food makers, explore new some tastes, and treat yourself to something fantastic. And if you order the Cremont, I’ll bring the wine.

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