How to Cook Treviso Radicchio

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How to Cook Radicchio

What is Treviso Radicchio?

Treviso radicchio is a mild type of radicchio. It is easily identified by its dark purple color, long length and torpedo-like shape. Treviso radicchio is skinnier, and longer than most radicchios. It’s is originally from northern Italy and it is most commonly used in Italian cooking. Its leaves are pretty sturdy when raw but can take on different textures when cooked.

How to Cook Radicchio

Treviso radicchio is a mild type of radicchio. Here’s how to buy, prepare, and cook with treviso radicchio. Plus recipes with radicchio!

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What Does Treviso Radicchio Look Like?

This member of the chicory family has dark red/purple leaves with bright white veins. It is commonly mistaken for red lettuce or cabbage because of its coloring. But its taste is quite different.

What Does Treviso Radicchio Taste Like?

Treviso radicchio is quite bitter, and there might be a bit of perceived spiciness to the flavor. You can often find it used in a salad for some added color and its bracing bite. Its appealing bitterness adds a complementary flavor to savory dishes, whether cooked or added raw towards the end. It is great in salads, pastas, or as a side to meat or fish.

The bitterness can be toned down by soaking cut leaves in water prior to eating or cooking.

Radicchio Substitutes

Since treviso radicchio can be hard to find, it’s good to know of some substitutes. When it is used as a garnish for color, red lettuce or cabbage is a good alternative. Otherwise, you’ll want to pick another bitter chicory vegetable like an endive, escarole or ideally, another type of radicchio.

How to Cook Radicchio

How to Cook With Treviso Radicchio

Treviso radicchio is served both raw and cooked. It can be braised, sauteed, steamed, and roasted. It’s also terrific grilled. You can halve the heads and brush them with olive oil, sprinkle them with salt and grill until charry on the outside, tender on the inside.

How to Store Treviso Radicchio

Radicchios can last for over a week if stored properly. Ideally, treviso should be stored in the vegetable drawer of your fridge (for the correct humidity), wrapped loosely in plastic wrap or in a plastic bag. It is best for it to be stored unwashed. If it starts to wilt you can revive the leaves by soaking them in very cold water. Radicchios do not freeze well so if you don’t plan on using radicchio within the week, it’s best to skip it.

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Where to Find Treviso Radicchio

While sometimes hard to find in store, you can do a grocery delivery or pick up search to find some near you. If you are lucky, you can find treviso radicchio in the produce section of a local grocery store. It might also be available at some farmers markets, and if you have a store that carries Italian produce nearby, you’ll likely find it there. when in season, you can find it here!

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