Mummy Cupcakes

These adorable little mummy cupcakes don’t take much more time that just frosting a regular batch of cupcakes, but the fun/cool factor is extremely high.

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Creamy Corn and Potato Salad with Bacon

The standard thing to say in almost every recipe that features corn is that fresh corn kernels are preferable, but that during non-corn-season moments frozen or canned is fine. That’s true here, and I love me my frozen corn (this Shepherd’s Pie would not make as many appearances on the table in the colder months without that fantastic convenience product), but boy, is this good with fresh barely cooked sweet corn in the summer. The dressing is tangy from the lemon juice and buttermilk, and the creaminess of the potatoes is punctuated by the pop of the crispy corn.  Potato …

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