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Ok, we’ve done green, we’ve done yellow.  Now over to orange (This single color lunch series is definitely my food nerdiest moment yet, I think).

This little series was just something I did to entertain myself during a long hot summer of packing camp lunches, and getting bored out of my skull.  And it’s also a nice way to get your kid to engage at the supermarket — searching for food that fit a particular color scheme, and hopefully picking some new foods to try.

So, orange.  Bright and cheery, orange is a color that holds a host of possibilities when packing a school lunch.

This one contains, cubed cheddar cheese, sautéed shrimp (I know, they are kind of pink, let’s just let that go), carrots, a peach, peach yogurt, and dried apricots.

an all orange school lunch

Other orange options: orange peppers, mangoes, nectarines, fresh apricots.  And there are quite a few yogurt flavors with orange hues to pick from.  For sure you can have quite a range of choices at the cheese counter – lots of orange there to choose from.

Sweet potatoes.  Butternut squash (maybe a butternut squash soup in a little thermos?  Or orange carrot soup?)  Pumpkin.  Cornbread.  Cantaloupe and other melons.  Papaya.

A slice of cold pizza?

An also– an orange!

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