Beautiful honey display at Dallas Farmer’s Market

Times someone blessed my heart:

  1. Seven

Great moment while teaching cooking class at Central Market in Plano:

  1. 12 year old boy, after tasting Miso Cod Fingers, said that this fish had “changed his life.”

Dining experiences I shan’t soon forget:

  1. Insane-tasting dinner that Stephan Pyles‘ restaurant prepared at his eponymous restaurant. Let’s just say any meal that starts with 8 kinds of ceviche is going to knock your socks off.
  2. Great salads and sandwiches at Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop, which is in a funky neighborhood called Deep Ellum, which is being revitalized.
Testing out Whataburger ketchup and fries here
  • Pit-stop for fries at Whataburger drive-thru (and dutifully brought home packets of the Whataburger ketchup to top my meatloaf with, as instructed by fancy Texas ladies).
  • A bucket of peanuts in the shell accompanied by some cold white wine at the Rodeo Bar at the Adolphus Hotel.
  • What I brought home:

    1. Sweet potatoes, fresh black eyed peas, (more) peanuts in the shell, and honey from the Dallas Farmer’s Market.
    I won’t tell you how many peanuts I ate
  • Tartar sauce right off the line at Canyon Foods, a sparkling packaged foods manufacturer.
  • From Fiesta Market, lots of tortillas, warm from oven; duce de leche for my sister-in-law; coco duro (hard coconut candy) for my mother; and chicharrones
  • And a little bit of culture:

    1. Ernesto Neto exhibit at the Nasher Gallery, where you get to walk through the exhibit (literally)

    So happy to have been able to spend lots of time with:

    1. The inimitable Dedie Leahy — friend, Dallas connector, advisor, tonic.


    1. Wow, thank you so much, wonderful Katie, and please come back soon. It was my treat to spend time with you which always inspires me and what fun we had! In fact, everyone in Dallas fell in love with you and your Mom 100 Cookbook is a huge hit. Already have another mom ready to sign up for your next cooking class at Central Market too! Bless your heart (that’s 8!) and a Texas-size hug, Dedie

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