2018 Just Dropped.

2017 was a bit of a mixed bag, to be blunt. Plenty of things to be happy and grateful about, from work to family to just being renewedly appreciative for some basics, like a warm bed and electricity. But boy oh boy, life isn’t all Instagram filters and cheesecake with raspberry sauce dripping both daintily — yet realistically — over the edge. I have to first address the chronic psychic pain that many of us are feeling terms of the state of the world and our country, and the relentless, incredulous despair that our President is actually our President. My …

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The Ebbing and Flowing of Acceptable Foods

My friend recently posed this evergreen question to me: “What happens when your kids used to like something, and then they wake up one morning and decide, nah?” This is a killer, but a situation that happens all of the time. One day, it’s “yay, soup!” The next, “gross, soup.” One day, it’s “ooh, steak!” The next, “I hate steak.” What to do? Get frustrated. To put it mildly. You will probably not be able to convince your kid that this food, which they found perfectly acceptable – nay, even likeable – just days before is still a friendly food. You have to just …

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