school lunch

An All Orange School Lunch

Ok, we’ve done green, we’ve done yellow.  Now over to orange (This single color lunch series is definitely my food nerdiest moment yet, I think). This little series was just something I did to entertain myself during a long hot summer of packing camp lunches, and getting bored out of my skull.  And it’s also a nice way to get your kid to engage at the supermarket — searching for food that fit a particular color scheme, and hopefully picking some new foods to try. So, orange.  Bright and cheery, orange is a color that holds a host of possibilities …

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An All Yellow School Lunch

This is part of a series I did when I was playing around with single color lunches to entertain myself as I made lunch after lunch for my kids to take to camp.  I’m definitely not one of those food blogger moms who is willing to cut cucumbers in flowers, or create emojis out of various fruits and such. But apparently I am willing to do this. And now it’s time for that sunniest of colors, YELLOW! If you’re packing this for a school lunch, don’t mention that yellow is the color of the school bus. Grilled cheese (my kids …

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Pick a Color, Any Color: An All Green School Lunch

And as the summer comes to a close, and school approaches we parents experience that wave of mixed emotions that accompanies this moment in time. I probably don’t have to list all of the pros and cons for you.  You could probably list them right back at me.  And other than a few extremely special parents, packing a daily lunch is not one of the pro emotions that September engenders. In general, we are told we should be eating a rainbow of foods, meaning that if your selection of foods includes items of all hues, you are probably doing pretty …

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