Bulgur Wheat, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Gratin

Getting more whole grains onto our tables is something most of us are thinking about, and in fact possibly even stressing about.  Before you start cooking with them they can seem so mysterious, so intimidating.  They are just a grain, like rice or anything else, and they can enter your cooking repertoire in so many different ways. Here in this Bulgur Wheat, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Gratin, the bulgur wheat is first cooked, then layered into a casserole with sweet potatoes, lightly spicy black beans, and melty provolone or gruyere (more on that shortly),  then baked.  You could really use …

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Get Yourself a Bake and Shark at Maracas Beach, Trinidad

Gary I went to a friend’s daughter’s wedding in Trinidad this past weekend. While the wedding was beautiful, the dancing was excellent, and the Caribe beer quite thirst quenching, the following was one of the most memorable parts. We went to a beach called Maracas beach, where they are famous for their waves and their Bake and Shark. This is a Trinidadian native dish that consists of deep-fried shark (see Note) stuffed in deep-fried batter, called “Bake,” which is made from a roti-like dough and puffs up wonderfully. Then you get to walk around the condiment counter and top your Bake …

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