spring cooking

5 Great Salads for Spring

I’m writing this newsletter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where our family is enjoying a long-awaited, splurgey ski vacation with some friends. I’m typing this with one leg propped up on a chair and an ice pack on my knee, since a certain Mom 100 overdid it on the first day and managed to slightly tear her meniscus (and if you don’t know what a meniscus is, you’re lucky, and you shouldn’t even bother to look it up). I am looking out the window at some seriously snow-covered hills, and alternately thinking of Stevie Nicks (if you get this reference and …

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How to Cook Spring Produce

As we approach spring, the excitement mounts. Longer days, warmer weather, and an abundance of amazing produce that is nothing short of inspiring. Farmers’ markets are exploding with all kinds of produce, and it’s impossible not to gather up as much as one can carry and cart it all home. But then what? Put all of these beautiful fruits and vegetables to work! Here are some suggestions for ways to use all of the gorgeous produce of the spring season.   Apricots Try them instead of plums in this crisp. Apricots go beautifully with many cheeses, so add them to a bountiful …

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