Boy Mom

It Begins. The first moment I realized I was a bona fide, no-turning-back boy mom took place when Jack was 6 weeks old. My husband’s boss wanted him to come on a business trip to Miami, and (really kindly) suggested I come along with the baby, for a little change of scenery. What a great …

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My Kids

So, sometimes we find ourselves amplifying our kids’ strengths,  sometimes we find ourselves lamenting our kids’ struggles.  Often, in this day and age, we are seems to be reluctant to be okay seeing the truth in who they are, because there is so much pressure to present a good front.   I say poop to that.  …

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I Love to Watch You Play

“I love to watch you play.” The simplest six words you can say to your kids, with a surprising amount of power. It started with an article written in February 2012, called What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent — And What Makes A Great One.  The article was pretty much about what you think it …

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