10 Must-Have Pantry Ingredients

A question that is often asked of cooks, food writers and people whose lives revolve around their kitchens: what is your favorite ingredient? My answer is pretty much always a combo of two, olive oil and salt.  But that is just the beginning.  Here are some of the everyday pantry staples that make cooking a pleasure, food delicious, and weeknight meals easy.  Plus some ideas for how to put them to good use. 1. Olive Oil, Pure and/or Extra Virgin Olive Oil In a perfect world, you’ll have both kinds on hand, more if you are interested in a variety …

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A Pantry Makeover: Before and After

My pantry was a total disaster. A black hole. A closet of chaos. Despite periodic efforts to reclaim the area, my pantry closet looked like an eclectic and confusing supermarket had exploded, and someone swept up a large portion of the miscellaneous goods and thrown them onto shelves with no rhyme or reason. Yes, the flour and sugar shared a shelf (most of the time), but they were nestled next to Halloween sprinkles, lentils, and spelt. Tuna fish sat next to blackberry jam. A jar of truffled mushroom spread from a trip to Italy in 2016 nestled up near ramen …

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