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10 Things to Do to Get Your Grill Ready for Summer

There are some die-hard grillers that either live in warm climes, or don’t see why a little sleet should stand between them and a juicy grilled steak. The rest of us throw a cover over our grills and wheel them into a garage or other storage spot once the temperature drops, to be wheeled out months later as the mercury climbs back up. But none of us can make the mistake of thinking that last year’s grill is ready to roll as soon as we fire it up. Here are the things you need to do to get your grill …

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5 Great Burger Recipes

There is almost nothing that doesn’t get improved by being grilled. Pizza, corn, lamb chops, steak—all become their finest versions of themselves (okay, one of their finest versions of themselves) when cooked on a grill. And, of course, there is the burger, which is one of the best-loved foods best-suited to meet up with live fire. And yes, you can buy premade patties and have a satisfying meal, but with a few extra minutes and a handful of additional ingredients you’ll get to “Remember those burgers from last year’s Memorial Day/Father’s Day/Fourth of July?” Memorable burgers. Here are five to …

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