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5 Great Food Stocking Stuffers

Let’s just say the phrase stocking stuffer suggests that you have a stocking. Which we actually don’t. Because we’re Jewish. BUT we do give a ton of gifts over the holiday to family and friends and some are big and some are small and the small gifts that hit a note are as important as the ones that cost a lot of cash… sometimes more—they are the presents that say I know what you like/lust after/wouldn’t treat yourself to.  Maybe that last one more than anything. All of these gifts are not super pricey but they are things that we …

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Great Food Gifts for Families

It’s time to start thinking about presents, which I happen to love, love, love to do.  And because I also happen to love food, naturally I think along the lines of food-centric gifts for the people on my list. Here are some family-sized, family-style food presents that I will be sorting through this year for the people on my list…. For the Breakfast Lovers. Stonewall Kitchens makes a slew of fantastic products, and if the first meal of the day is the one the gang most looks forward to, then you will find a PERFECT gift for them here.  You …

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