The Great Thing About Home Cooking, And Why It’s Hard to Breast Pump at a Restaurant

I was pregnant with my second son when I first started thinking seriously about pursuing a long-deferred dream of doing something in the food world.   I was looking at various options, and seriously considering getting into the restaurant business, even though I fully (really, fully) understood how grueling and unromantic it was most of the time (I’ve been a busgirl, a waitress, a hostess, and once almost a bartender but I couldn’t reach the bottles on the top speedrack). , After Charlie was born, my husband gave me a gift, and he presented it to me in front of both …

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What Can My Kids Do in the Kitchen?

Since the publication of The Mom 100 Cookbook, one of the questions I am most often asked is, “when is a good time to have your kids start helping in the kitchen?” (answer: now!), and, “which tasks can kids do at what ages?” Excellent questions, without universally empirical answers, and there are some things to think about as a general rule that aren’t age specific.  The ultimate answer is “it depends on your kid,” which isn’t all that helpful.  Following are some VERY rough ages ranges when you might think about introducing certain kitchen skills to your kid. Keep in …

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