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How to Chiffonade Basil

What is “Chiffonade” or “Chiffonaded”? Glad you asked (clearly you didn’t get to this page by accident). To chiffonade is to cut thin strips of a flat leafy vegetable or larger leaf herb. It is a cutting technique that you can use with things like lettuces and — very commonly — basil, and it results in sliver-like curled strips that look very elegant when mixed into or strewn over various dishes. It roughly translates to “in rags,” though it looks a lot classier than that.   How Do You Chiffonade Basil (or other flat leafy things) 1. Stack a few …

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How to Blind Bake a Pie Crust

Blind baking is the term used for baking a pie crust on its own, so that it can be fully cooked and wonderfully flaky before you start piling in a filling that doesn’t need to be cooked, like a chocolate mousse pie, or all kinds of icebox pies. It’s a great technique to know. Sometimes a crust is partially baked when the filling only requires a short time in the oven, which is known as partial blind baking, but we’ll leave that for the next pie. What this entails is fitting the pie dough (homemade or from a package, your …

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10 Essential Cooking Methods Everyone Should Know

s As the New Year begins, many of us are vowing to cook more, eat better, get more homemade dinners on the table.  We start digging into healthy recipes, load up on some good whole food ingredients, and set those resolutions.  But maybe not all of the terminology is as familiar as it could be.  What does saute mean?  What does braise mean?  Excellent and fair questions.  Here’s are some quick definitions of some of the cooking terms you’ll see in recipes. I wrote this because a while ago I was traveling, and my husband was on his own. We …

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