Ultimate Creamy Baked Wisconsin Macaroni and Cheese

You know the great Dr. Seuss story/poem Green Eggs and Ham?  And how finally Sam makes Daniel realize that he does in fact like Green Eggs and Ham, and Daniel joyfully ends with the words: I like green eggs and ham!  I do! I like them, Sam-I-am!  And I would eat them in a boat!  And I would eat them with a goat…  And I will eat them in the rain. And in the dark. And on a train. And in a car. And in a tree. They are so good, so good you see!  Well replace green eggs and …

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A Cheese Board for National Cheese Day

I feel like kind of as ass for not knowing about national cheese day for so long.  Not that I’ve been a slouch in the cheese-consuming department.  I’ve absolutely been carrying my weight (insert pointed comment here).  But now that I know that June 4th is its very own holiday dedicated to celebrating cheese, I shan’t let another 4th of June go by without celebrating one of the best foods on earth. The platter above contains a selection of pure cheesy joy.  Here’s what you’re looking at starting with the herb coated log of chevre, and moving clockwise: Fresh Herb …

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How to Create an Amazing Cheese Platter

Creating a beautiful cheese platter is one of the most festive ways to entertain, especially during the holidays. An assortment of cheeses and accompaniments is just bewitching to look at, and introducing people to new cheeses is a lot of fun. And I’m no longer surprised by this – though I was – but it turns out my kids are willing to try pretty much any cheese that I put in front of them. So that’s just another incentive to put a cheese platter in place. How Much Cheese To Buy You could put out three wonderful cheeses, or if …

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