brown bag lunch

Back to School Lunches

Back to school time brings mixed feelings for me. The kids’ feelings are less mixed, and quite loudly verbalized. Summer was way too short, they didn’t get to relax enough, and they can’t believe I am mentioning the summer reading that seems to have gotten compressed – as it does Every. Stinking. Year. – into the last week or so of summer. There is no learning curve here. There is no memory of me yelling that now that there are 4 days and counting, and they still have to read two 300-page books (which they were told in JUNE, for …

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Lunch Circa 1977

Foodwise, my mother was ahead of her time.  She wasn’t the only one of course: the 70s were filled with people discovering wheat germ and carob and sprouts and homemade yogurt.  And simultaneously diving into the world of cassoulets and paellas and other day-long food projects inspired by far-away lands.  But boy, she really embraced the healthy food thing for a long stretch, and with gold hoop earrings and funky vests she would make multi-grain silver dollar pancakes for breakfast on Saturdays, each of which weighed much more than an actual silver dollar, and we would hope that there was …

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