The Kitchen at The Studio

Clean, white kitchen with appliances, knives, and decorations.

Kitchen Equipment includes all new high-end GE Café Appliances including a 6-burner gas range, dishwasher, 32-bottle wine fridge, and fridge with French doors, ice maker, and freezer section.

Various sized pots, pans, and any and all small kitchen equipment you may need. Table, glass, and flat ware, as well as extensive serving dishes, are available for tastings and dinners of up to 24 people.

Other studio highlights include an extensive collection of over 1,000 unique props – from utensils, linens, and one-of-a-kind plates and bowls, to sake cups from Japan and porcelain silverware. Gallery of all our props is coming soon. A range of professional food photography surfaces and sawhorses allow for breathing space while working.


All new GE Café Appliances with matte white.

  • GE Café Series Dishwasher
  • GE Café Series Microwave
  • GE Profile 32-bottle Wine Fridge
  • Six burner gas range with ventilation and light hood
  • Fridge with exterior cold/hot water and ice maker, with French doors. Separate climates in the fresh food and freezer sections maintain temperature and humidity

Other Kitchen Features

  • Double white enamel farmhouse sink with retractable spray faucet
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Caesarstone Countertops
  • Dish towels included with rental
  • Sonos Bluetooth Speaker
  • Coat Closet for Events
Closeup of farmhouse-style sink

Small Appliances

  • Kitchen Aid Mixer with Whisk Hook Paddle Attachment
  • Single Serve Keurig
  • Nutribullet
  • 2x Air Fryer
  • Russel Hobbs 6-Slot Toaster
  • Mini Cuisinart Food Processor
  • Full-Sized Cuisinart Food Processor
  • Braun Immersion Blender
  • Hand Mixer
  • Grill Press
  • French Mandolin
  • Kitchenaid Blender

Pots and Pans

Various sizes, includes:

  • 12in Cast Irons
  • Various size sauté pans
  • Nonstick pans
  • Sauce pots
  • Dutch oven
  • Soup pots
  • Wok

Cooking Prep Supplies

  • 6x Deep Third Pans
  • 3x Deep Nine Pans
  • Half Speed Rack with:
    • 12x Full Sheet Trays
    • 4x Half Sheet Trays
    • 6x Quarter Sheet Trays
  • Full Size Cooking Rack
  • 2x Half Size Cooling Rack
  • 3x Quarter Size Cooling Rack
  • All Clad 13×16 Roaster with Rack
  • 9×13 Baking Pan
  • 15pc OXO Knife Set
  • 5pc Chef’s Knife Set
  • Various Cooking/Prep Utensils – Spatulas, Spoons, Graters, Peelers, Lemon Press, etc.
  • Various Cutting Boards
  • Large/Small Rolling Pins
  • Food Scale
  • Various Mixing and Prep Bowls
  • 3x Colanders
  • Liquid Glass Measuring Cups
  • Dry Measuring Cups
  • 3x 8ft Folding Tables Available

Serve + Style

  • 18x Dinner Plates
  • 12x Stemless Wine Glasses
  • 24x Stem Wine Glasses
  • 36x Various-Sized Drinking Glasses
  • 8 different types of 8in plates
  • Colorful Casserole Dishes
  • Vintage and Antique Utensils
  • Unique Mason Jars
  • Various Color/Sizes Linens
  • Various Bowls of Sizes/Shapes/Colors
  • Mugs
  • Pitchers
  • Vases
  • Runners
  • Antique Champagne Glasses
  • Serving Platters

Surfaces for Photography

  • Erikson Surfaces: Dark Wood, Concrete, Rustic White, White Wood Boards
  • 2x Sawhorses with White or Black Surface 2’x4’

If you have specific needs for kitchen or prop equipment that you don’t see here, please let us know and we can often make accommodations – OR, if you don’t see what you need, just ask! We likely have it!

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