Tomato, Orzo and Dill Soup

This is the kind of tomato soup that really is a meal, especially if you give it a good sprinkle of cheese on the top.

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Chicken, Bacon and Corn Chowder

At the risk of sounding like a princess, it doesn’t feel like summer without at least one lobster (or lobster roll – preferably both), a few perfect tomatoes, and a bowl of corn chowder.  And a s’more.  (Yes, yes, of course swimming and picnic-ing and grilling and all of that.  I do occasionally do things …

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Spring Chicken and Vegetable Potpie Casserole

It’s always a little bit strange when people talk about food coming back into fashion, and I hadn’t realized that the dish was out of fashion at any point to begin with.  Case in point: chicken potpie.  You hear words like “retro” and “nostalgia food” being used to describe it, but in many kitchens throughout …

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