Marinated Petit Filets

Petit filets of beef are tender and lean at the same time, and usually less pricy than a full trimmed tenderloin.

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Barbacoa Beef Chili

Okay, those Barbacoa beef tacos were good, but there’s still a lot leftover….that was not unintentional. Here is a glimpse inside my Machiavellian brain…..I wanted to make a beef chili, but I wanted to figure out how to get some serious flavor into the meat BEFORE it even met up with the beans and other …

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Grilled Mexican Rib-Eye Steaks

Our good friend Charlie (one of two other Charlies in our lives, both known as Big Charlie in case we get confused thinking someone is referring to our own Little Charlie) was coming to dinner.  When Big Charlie M. is coming over, he is not looking for me to experiment with a Radicchio and Endive …

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