Banana Bread Pudding

My friend Catherine just turned 50, and didn’t want any fanfare.  And she wasn’t just saying it in the way that some of us do sometimes, “Oh, no….no party for little ol’ me, I don’t want to be a bother.”  She insisted on no celebration with an ardor that left nothing to be wrongly interpreted. As in, if you even thought about something like a surprise party she would enter, turn on her heel and march out, but not before bursting into tears and point a finger at you and yelling, “J’accuse!” or something dramatic. So, because I love her …

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An All Yellow School Lunch

This is part of a series I did when I was playing around with single color lunches to entertain myself as I made lunch after lunch for my kids to take to camp.  I’m definitely not one of those food blogger moms who is willing to cut cucumbers in flowers, or create emojis out of various fruits and such. But apparently I am willing to do this. And now it’s time for that sunniest of colors, YELLOW! If you’re packing this for a school lunch, don’t mention that yellow is the color of the school bus. Grilled cheese (my kids …

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