Mediterranean Lentil, Red Onion and Avocado Salad

You can make this salad with any kind of green or brown lentil.  But hear me out: spend the extra change (not a lot—we’re talking about beans after all) and the extra few minutes to grab the good lentils, if this is at all a possibility in the reality of your legume world. Here’s what the difference is: regular brown or green lentils—very nice.  Fairly soft, nicely earthy, take well to various flavors, make lovely soups and salads.  All good, nothing to be apologetic for at all.   What Are French Lentils? But French lentils—something better.  Sometimes greenish, sometimes more brown in color, French lentils …

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Holy Guacamole

The best thing that can happen to a ripe avocado (though I am open to debating).

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