French Potato Salad

This mayo-free potato salad is very clean tasting, with fresh herbs and a touch of mustard and a lovely vinaigrette dressing.

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How to Cook with Arugula

I am a huge arugula fan, and luckily (though somewhat surprisingly) my family is too, even my kids from a pretty young age.  If you like spicy, then you’ll like this lettuce.   What Is Arugula? Arugula, also known as rocket, especially in Europe, is a lettuce.  It is also called rucola, rucoli, rocket salad, roquette, Italian cress, and salad rocket.  It can be harvested and found as baby arugula, which is smaller, more tender, and more delicate, or more mature arugula which is a bit rougher in texture and stronger in taste.     What Does Arugula Look Like? Arugula …

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