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Taco on a wooden surface.Of all the cooking-related questions I get asked, the most frequent is: “What are your kids’ favorite dinners?” Fair question. Here are a handful of dishes that make frequent appearances at our table. (Sidebar: The other day, a mom asked me for help because her kid won’t eat anything other than  . . . FISH?!?!? Geez, don’t share that at the PTA meeting.)

Taco Night. Made with ground turkey and a very simple homemade spice blend, this has been a mainstay for years. I can’t think of anything Jack wants to see on the table more often.

taco night/Katie Workman/5 of My Kids' Favorite Dinners

Black Beans and Rice (page 196 in The Mom 100). Charlie’s ultimate comfort food. I wish that everything he loved was so cheap and easy to accomplish.

Macaroni and Cheese. Not much else to say about this. The best part? Use just about any cheese you have on hand (including pre-shredded cheese from the dairy aisle, which I could not live without). The recipe is that flexible.

Stovetop Macaroni and Four Cheeses / Sarah Crowder / Katie Workman /

Tortilla-Crusted Tilapia with Sriracha Sauce. You may not believe that fish could make a Top 5 list, but this has been a huge hit. Makes me wonder what else I should coat in pulverized tortilla chips and sauté.

Tortilla Crusted Tilapia with Sriracha Sauce

Lazy Vegetable One-Skillet Lasagna (page 266 in Dinner Solved!). Lasagna in any form wins high marks at our house. I love this one because the whole thing is done on the stovetop. Sometimes I add chicken sausage.

Woman serving One-pot veggie lasagna onto a plate.

There are more hits, a whole bunch of which vary according to the season. I’ll keep sharing our favorites, and would really love to hear yours. Also, if you are the mom of boys, you may recognize a moment or two from this, and if you are a girl mom, well, here’s a peek behind the boy mom curtain.

P.S. Even my dog Cooper is a boy, though he’s missing a couple of the accessories.


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