Some days, do you look around your kitchen and think about ripping it apart and starting fresh? But a full kitchen remodel isn’t in the cards at the moment? It happens to all of us. But that’s no reason you can’t give your kitchen look and feel a little boost. The easiest way to change things up is to add a pop of color or two of color. Bright and bold, or soft and pretty, splashes of color offer immediate-gratification in the kitchen cheer department.

How to Give Your Kitchen a Quick Color Boost

How to Give Your Kitchen a Quick Color Boost

Stand Mixer

Oh my goodness, talk about color choices! The KitchenAid Artisan 5-quart stand mixer comes in a whopping 46 colors. 46!   The hardest part here is choosing…impossible to decide between Buttercup, Cobalt Blue, Aqua Sky, or the newest color Passion Red, in honor of the brand’s 100 year anniversary. Whatever you choose the mixer is beautiful enough to leave on the counter (and may prompt more cookie-baking, which is never a bad thing).

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, Empire Red

Food Processor

A touch of metallic is a great way to add shine and a little bling to a kitchen. The 14-cup Cuisinart comes in a fun Copper Classic color, and I don’t know of an appliance that gets more of a workout in my kitchen. My glimmery gold version makes me feel a bit like a Kardashian….a Kardashian chopping onions.

Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor, Copper

Big Fruit Bowl

A bowl of fruit on the counter is a great quick color fix, and even better if the bowl itself provides a burst of brightness. Fiesta has been one of the leading manufactures of colorful tabletop and cookwware for 62 years, and whichever of the 15 colors you choose from (Scarlet! Meadow! Poppy! Daffodil! Lapis! Claret!) you will have revitalized your kitchen in a snap, and on a budget.

Fiesta Fruit Bowl, Poppy


Another low cost and simple way to cheer up your space is with flowers. And lovely blooms deserve a lovely vase, and a sculptural colorful vase can be pretty enough to be left out, even when it’s not filled with stems. This little multi colored ceramic vase assort from Sullivan’s looks super cheery, or pick a single color like red and get an array of sizes. Or go for some colored glass vases, like these yellow bottles.

Middle Kingdom - Vase Assortment

Utensil Pots

Many of us love to keep our cooking utensils in a little canister for easy grabbing, but most of us don’t think too much about the look of the container. This is yet another opportunity for color! Glazed earthenware Tabor Pots come in rich blue, a burnt orange, and a deep yellow. I keep mine right next to the stove, filled with spoons and whisks and spatulas. And yes, you could also use them for their original purpose; as a planter.

Serax Tabor Utensil Pot - Yellow


A blender is another go-to kitchen tool for many, and as such it tends to hand out in plain view. So, you might as well make it count, color-wise! Many of the Vitamix blenders are available in an arresting red, and a shimmery copper, and you can tuck it in the corner and let it sparkle while not in use.

The easiest way to change things up in your kitchen without a full remodel is to add a pop of color. Give your kitchen a quick color boost!

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Vitamix Ascent Blender, Red


If you can think of a nicer way to start you day that making toast in this back-in-the-day looking toaster, please share. 4 slices can pop up from this colorful Smeg toaster at once, making 4 people happy (but there is a two-slice version available!). Color choices include red, pastel green, pastel blue, and pink.

Smeg Toaster, Red

Coffee Maker

Ok, mornings may even get a little sunnier. While you are waiting for your toast to pop, you brew yourself a cuppa in your teal or red Keurig K-Mini Plus. Other Keurig coffee makers come in other colors like Greenery and Black Plum, so you can pick the one that speaks to your morning aura.

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker, Red


Ready to go bigger? And have some fun? Galanz makes amazing old school style fridges in sizes ranging from 3.1 cubic feet, which could tuck under a counter to a more full size 12 cubic feet. And you can go cool and pastel with Bebop Blue, or create a full on focal point in the kitchen with Hot Rod Red. Microwaves in similar styles in the same colors are also available.

Galanz Mini Fridge, Red

So while you are waiting for your bank account to grow to full kitchen renovation level, there are plenty of things to do to make your kitchen a happier place to be. Pick a color, any color.

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