7 Ramp Recipes to Make This Spring

I am no longer engaging in any kind of debate about ramps.  I love them, these wild scallions, which grow in some parts of the country for a short period in the early spring, and are always the subject of so much contention.  They are uncultivate-able harbingers of spring, and people long for them all year long….and then other people hate them, because anything that is prized and fetishized inevitably becomes the object of scorn by those who are “over them”.

Seriously, enough. They are delicious and versatile and fun to cook with. Everyone, get over yourselves. OR conversely, if you are new to ramps – welcome! They are excellent and fleeting and as long as you don’t get stupid about extoling their merits, you go on with you bad ramp self.

7 Ramp Recipes to Make This Spring

Pasta Salad with Chicken, Green Olives, and Ramp Vinaigrette

Chicken salad meets Spring. This pasta salad is heavy on the chicken.

Green Olive and Ramp Tapenade / Katie Workman themom100.com

Green Olive and Ramp Tapenade

Tapenade is an amazing condiment, and this one is spicy and spring-ey.

You will find dozens of ways to use this condiment.

Pasta and Salmon Salad with Ramp Dressing

A springtime pasta perfect for a picnic, a buffet, or for a potluck.

Ramp Chimichurri Sauce

Ramps are a clever Spring stand in for both the parsley and the garlic in this classic Argentinian sauce.

Simple Ramp Pasta

A simple ramp pasta to make the most out of the ultra seasonal ingredient.

Spring Ramp and Pea Risotto

The perfect risotto to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Pasta with Ramps, Edamame, and Sugar Snap Peas in a Light Parmesan Cream Sauce

A beautiful, elegant and easy springtime pasta recipe, loaded with ramps and vegetables.

If you saw this on a menu, you’d order it, right?

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