What Do I Do With Pesto?

Sometimes I make pesto and use it all up right away. More often than not there are leftovers. And if you’ve made too big a batch, or bought a jar for a spoonful or two in a recipe, then you may be in the same boat.

Here are a whole bunch of ways to use up that herby deliciousness!

10 Things To Make With Leftover Pesto

10 Recipes Using Leftover Pesto

You can use any kind of pesto on sliced tomatoes, and you will have the perfect summer appetizer or side dish.

Toss pasta and tomatoes with pesto is another sure fire summer hit. You can roast the tomatoes, or just cut up lovely ripe tomatoes of any color, and you have a meal.

This summery dish pretty well underscores the thought that we eat with our eyes.

A dollop of pesto atop fish is an incredibly easy way to dress up a simple filet.

Pesto and eggs can be very good friends. Try a bit on top of scrambled eggs as well.

Pesto Guacamole

The perfect appetizer to bring to parties and potlucks, portable and crowd-pleasing. When in doubt, make a dip.

Blending some pesto with ripe avocados gets you a very easy dip.

Same thing with well cooked edamame.

A quick vegetarian pasta with a nice dose of protein.

Lamb loves pesto especially one made with mint.

Blend a spoonful into fresh whipped ricotta for an amazing crostini topping.

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