“What would be your favorite 5 desert island foods?”

bowl of popcorn

This is a question I love to ask people, and I also never tire of answering. Some of the answers have fluctuated over the years. One choice that never wavers is popcorn. I am a die hard fan, my family are die-hard fans, and rarely does a day go by without a bowl of popcorn punctuating the end of the evening.

So when JOLLY TIME asked me if I was interested in writing a sponsored blog post, and offered to send me a bunch of Healthy Pop Microwave Pop Corn to try, I was a) delighted and b) nervous that they would not understand how much popcorn my family consumed in a given month, and therefore think I was just trying to sell it on the black market. They were in fact very understanding, and promised to send me enough to write and shoot this article, and also to keep my popcorn-frenzied children sated.

I love popcorn for so many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because it’s a snack that is at once delicious, satisfying, and good for you.

You really can’t say that about too many snacks. In fact, I started thinking about how much bang for your buck you get with popcorn, especially a low fat, low calorie version like Healthy Pop vs. many of the other snack choices out there.

A Big Bowl of Popcorn

Did you know that Healthy Pop Microwave Pop Corn has 100 calories per 5 CUPS of popcorn (which is pretty much the whole bag)? That’s a fact. It pops up fresh and hot in less than 3 minutes, and of course popcorn is a 100% whole grain and gluten free snack choice. (Also, it’s the only microwave popcorn endorsed by Weight Watchers).

Plus – do you know how long 5 cups of popcorn can last you if you show a little restraint?  Quite a while – which is another reason it’s so satisfying. Check out the amount of time each 100 calorie snack lasts (at least lasts me) and see why popcorn is the winnah.

5 cups popcorn vs. 1 ½ tablespoons chocolate chips

A Big, Happy Bowl of Popcorn

Ooch, that looks sad. 1 minute for the chocolate, ½ hour for the popcorn.

5 cups popcorn vs. 2 pieces dried pears

A Big Bowl of Popcorn

I love dried fruit, but this just isn’t going to cut it. 5 minutes for the dried pears, ½ hour for the popcorn.

5 cups popcorn vs. 7 flavored tortilla chips

1/2 an hour of popcorn crunching or 3 minutes of tortilla crunching? Please.

5 cups popcorn vs. 11 jelly beans

A Big Bowl of Popcorn

They sure are colorful….what little there is of them.  3 minutes for the jelly beans, 1/2 hour for the popcorn.

5 cups popcorn vs. ¾ of a granola bar

A Big Bowl of Popcorn

½ hour or 4 minutes….and that’s if I was chewing very slowly.  (And not even a whole granola bar?  Sheesh).

5 cups popcorn vs. 2 ½ miniature peanut butter cups

A Big, Happy Bowl of Popcorn

Man, not even three full baby pb cups? Chocolate and peanut butter are a killer combo….but the 4 minutes it will take me to eat these will not compare to the crunchy 1/2 hour I will have with my bowl of popcorn.

5 cups popcorn vs. 1 small glass of wine

A Big, Happy Bowl of Popcorn

So….this is where I say, oh my goodness, wine and popcorn together.  That is the best 200 total calorie end-of-the-evening moment I can imagine. I am totally choosing both, and without an ounce of regret.

Lately Jack has been into the JOLLY TIME Kettle Corn version, while Charlie heads straight for the Healthy Pop Butter. I wander back and forth between the two, and swap in a bag of the Healthy Pop Crispy White Natural flavor to keep changing things up.

So, when all is said and done, we are a card-carrying popcorn family, and when you come over we will pop you your own bag, because we are generous people (and also because we are also a little selfish, and want our 5 cups each).

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