A Cheese Board for National Cheese Day / Katie Workman themom100.com
I feel like kind of as ass for not knowing about national cheese day for so long.  Not that I’ve been a slouch in the cheese-consuming department.  I’ve absolutely been carrying my weight (insert pointed comment here).  But now that I know that June 4th is its very own holiday dedicated to celebrating cheese, I shan’t let another 4th of June go by without celebrating one of the best foods on earth.

The platter above contains a selection of pure cheesy joy.  Here’s what you’re looking at starting with the herb coated log of chevre, and moving clockwise:

Fresh Herb Chevre (goat cheese) – Tangy and fresh, coated with herbs de Provence; goat’s milk.

Le Gruyere AOP – One of the best cheeses to ever come out of Switzerland,with a long, proud cheesemaking history, a combination of sweet and nutty, milder when young, more assertive as it ages (like most cheeses, and frankly most people); cow’s milk.

Fourme d’Ambert – One of the mildest blue cheeses, creamy with a delicate, fruity flavor, from Auvergne, France; cow’s milk.

Le Vigneron Winzer –  This semi-soft cheese has been aged in red wine, giving the rind lovely color and the cheese and aromatic and full-bodied flavor; cow’s milk.

Coupole – An aged goat cheese in a domed shape, with a wonderfully dense texture, and a fresh milk taste; goat’s milk.

Pont L’evêque – Creamy and pale yellow, this Soft cheese has a rich, lush flavor, smooth texture, and a notable aroma; cow’s milk.

Also on the platter, a dried, nicely seasoned sausage from the Appenzeller region of Switzerland called Spezialitat, and some gooseberry jam I made.

Happy National Cheese Day! Let the festivities begin!

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