Relax, It’s Just…..Risotto! (for starters)

Shrimp Risotto from Katie Workman/themom100.comSO excited about my new monthly column on!

It’s called: “Relax, It’s Just……” (fill in the blank). Every month I’ll share a new recipe, something that many people feel intimidated about making at home, and de-mystify the pants off of it. There will be detailed instructions, but written in language that even a novice cook can easily understand, and lots of tips so that you will feel confident, and you will end up successful. And step-by-step photos so you can see what is supposed to be happening when. The goal of this “Relax” column is to help you become more comfortable in the kitchen, and I would love to hear what dishes you’d like to conquer. No judgments here! Just the pleasure of learning to be a more self-assured cook.

We start with risotto. If this is a dish that makes your palms sweaty, well, you are in robust company, and that’s why it’s our kick-off recipe. Do I have to stir it all the time? How much broth do I add, and when? What kind of rice do I use?  Read on. You will be making a perfect risotto in no time.

Risotto is comfort food, a rice-based dish that is silky, chewy and creamy, satisfying and elegant all at the same time. Risotto hails from Italy. Most people first experience risotto at a restaurant, and imagine that making it is not a simple matter. No matter how many times someone will reassure you that risotto is not at all hard to make, not nearly as time consuming or tricky as you might think, you won’t believe it until you’ve tried it yourself. Once you’ve gotten the hang of risotto it becomes like a blueprint or a sport of sort, and then the possibilities are unlimited.

And now, without further ado…. risotto!!

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4 thoughts on “Relax, It’s Just…..Risotto! (for starters)”

  1. Emily says:

    Congrats on the gig with That’s huge!!

    1. Katie Workman says:

      Thanks, Emily!

  2. Shawnie Hughes says:

    I found your book at a book fair. Love that you are on the web. Love your ideas and extra encouragements.

    1. Katie Workman says:

      Thanks, Shawnie!

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