The Final Conedown

Blue Bunny Ice Cream from Katie Workman /

On Labor Day I went to a little beach on a lake with my family and some friends.  It was in the 80s, sunny, and gorgeous.  We had braced ourselves for a crowd, but we arrived to find almost no one there.  “I guess people just mentally flip the switch when school starts, and get out of beach mode,” said my friend Jean.

Not us!  And boo on that.  My family is going to milk every second out of warmer weather.  We are going to grill every last burger, roast every marshmallow we can get our mitts on, and we are going to eat every last ice cream cone coming our way.  Blue Bunny is celebrating summer to the very last cone with The Final Cone-Down, and we like their style.  Why wouldn’t you eat ice cream until it gets really cold (and why would you not eat it after that?  Seriously, pie a la mode at the holidays)?

When I was a kid, we lived in Connecticut, and sometimes when we were driving by the local ice cream joint, my mom would pretend the steering wheel was turning itself into the parking lot…..”Oh, I don’t know what’s happening!  The car, it has a mind of its own!”  We would be shrieking and laughing in the back seat, knowing that this was her way of introducing an ice cream break into the day.  I’m doing the same with my kids.  Ice cream seems to have a way of being part of childhood memories like few other foods.

If you are on board with this #finalconedown notion, click over to Blue Bunny’s Facebook page any time between September 8th and the 22nd for your chance to win cool prizes, including personal electronics and great gear. And ICE CREAM!  Check out their video.

Summer may be over. Ice cream is forever.

#BlueBunnyWinBig #FinalConeDown

An Ice Cream Cone Cheers from Katie Workman /

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