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Ah, the good old juice box.   A snack and lunchtime staple, but most of us worry that we might be packing in a hefty dose of sugar or corn syrup and not-so-useful calories inside that box.   And guess, what? It is something to think about.

So, when I received a box from Honest Tea filled with their line of fruit drinks called Honest Kids, I first checked out the Nutrition Facts.  Pretty impressive, I have to say.  Only 40 calories per pouch and 9 grams of sugar.  Another brand that had found its way into my pantry had 100 calories in the same sized box, and over 23 grams of sugar.   That’s a big honking difference.  While there is variance between brands, most juice drinks have twice as much sugar as Honest Kids.

But of course, who cares, really, if they don’t taste good, and if your kids won’t drink them?  No worries there.  Super Fruit Punch, Goodness Grapeness, Tropical Tango Peach, Berry Berry Good Lemonade, and my favorite title (because who doesn’t love a good food pun?) Apple-y Ever After. My sons tried them too. Berry Berry Good Lemonade was Charlie’s favorite, which he pronounced “really, really good….just sweet enough” and Jack went for the Tropical Tango Punch which he said, “tastes like real fruit.”  I quite liked the grape.  The flavors are mild and refreshing and I find it a relief that in this word of flavor-basted whatever, a softer and less processed flavor can still win over the kids – there is hope for those developing taste buds yet.

These juice drinks are sweetened with fruit juice only, no added sweeteners, and the ingredient list is pleasingly short and recognizable.  Plus, the whole organic thing (#1 organic kids’ juice drink in the U.S., don’t you know) and you can get the drinks in big jugs, too, when you don’t need a handy pack to toss in your bag.  The Honest company supports sustainable farming, AND they have a cool recycling program (check it out). I do also love to support a company that supports fair trade and has a foundation dedicated to helping kids eat better.  Lots of people are worrying about this – Honest Tea is doing something about it.  I like this.

I would love to invite your kids over to try these out for themselves, but I’ll do you one better.  Honest Kids is going to give away 10 cases of their juice to 10 of you – pretty sweet (but not too sweet, and not high fructose corn syrup sweet).  Just enter below, and think thirsty thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Honest Kids”

  1. diran keyan says:

    Honest tea is the best especially the unsweetened varieties.

  2. Cari Jenson says:

    I am so thankful to have this option! My kids are hooked on the half lemonade/half tea but I love the unsweetened.

  3. Melissa Bennett says:

    I would love to win as my daughter LOVES the Honest teas. :)

  4. Maggie says:

    We love honest kids lemonade on the go it’s the best choice for my kids!

  5. Tammy Overton says:

    I’ve been hesitant to give my three year old granddaughter any type of juice because of the added sugar but I love the Honest unsweetened tea and will have to have her try this juice. Thanks for another good product.

  6. Ami Dalkner says:

    Just finished eating a Berry Berry Good Pink Lemonade popsicle with my girls. Perfect for the dog days of summer! Not thinking about school yet…losing my youngest to all day kindergarten. Bring on the pool and fun and more Honest Tea, please!

  7. @momwgravesdzz says:

    Thanks 4 the chance! I’m always stealing my daughters grape pouches ;) & love the green tea!!

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