And, DONE. Sort of.

I have officially just completed the manuscript for the next cookbook, The Mom 100 Family Table.  Part of me feels great, part of me feels drained, and a big big part of me feels like I want to sleep for a week. But THAT’S not going to happen.the mom 100 family table ms


Momentarily I will start telling you all about the upcoming book, and happily providing sneak peeks.  But first, a tiny sneak peek into the world of cookbook writing.

Here’s what happens during the last few months of writing a book — or completing any other project of similar magnitude.  Everything else goes by the wayside.  The laundry, the birthday presents, the haircuts, and it turns out, bizarrely, the regular grocery shopping.  Here’s what we have in the fridge:  chimichurri sauce, fried chicken legs, salmon burgers, leg of lamb, vegetarian chili, sundried tomato pesto, salsa verde, potato gratin with leeks and blue cheese, and ramps.  Here’s what we don’t have in the house: laundry detergent, fruit, 1% milk for mornings, and anything resembling a normal snack.  Jack took me aside last week to hiss at me, “Mom, it is not okay for you to offer Lucien stir-fry or pork loin when he asks for a snack.”  Well, excuse me.

I still need to write the chapter intros, and the book intro….and I have to test those carrot cupcakes again for sure.  And I just thought of a small change I want to make to the no bake peanut butter cocoa cookies.  Even though I have tested every recipe in the book between 3 and 6 times, I will be testing each and every one at least one more time during these next several months.

In fact, the end of the manuscript is is just the beginning of the “book”.   The beginning of a solid year of back and forth between me, my editor, our photographer and his team, the production editorial department, the production department, design, copy editing, sales, publicity, marketing and promotions.  Handing in the manuscript is sort of the starting gun going off in terms of how the actual book gets made.  Writing a cookbook is hardly solitary, in that I am constantly trying out the recipes on friends and family, and getting feedback from everyone.  But now, it becomes much more of a team effort, and I really get excited about this part.   I will celebrate with a fried chicken leg.  And remind someone to bring home some milk.

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7 thoughts on “And, DONE. Sort of.”

  1. Evodius says:

    Bring home some milk… Glad to hear your sophomore effort is coming to fruition.

    1. Katie Workman says:


  2. J. Kelsey says:

    I thought I take a break from the my work and the linguistic slippage here @OU that apparently increases cognition (sample:Pour Bonnie… Kay? Tea? Tea, d’accord) to let you know that if Martha Stewart or her ilk don’t wake up every morning wishing they were you they should. And they say nice girls finish last, HA! Katie Workman: Q.E.D Really, some of us in Dan’s class knew from the start. Anyway, keep writing you Garden God(ess). Without voctification, -jak

  3. Sally says:

    I’m a single, senior, empty nester and I use your first cookbook frequently. I’m eagerly awaiting the second. When is it due to be published?

    1. Katie Workman says:

      August 2015! Love to hear that the book is well used in your kitchen!

  4. Priscilla Y says:

    Hi Katie! Of all places, I purchased your 100 Mom Cookbook at Portland’s Powell’s City of Books while travelling there last month. I’m not yet a mom, but I love how your cookbook was formatted, answering all those dilemmas. And I really appreciate all those pictures that correspond to all your recipes. I have tried a few recipes out, and the cheddar and cauliflower soup is THE best way to eat cauliflower! I am loving making granola, it’s right now baking in my oven. All the best with your new and upcoming book, I’ll be on the lookout for it come summer 2015!

    1. Katie Workman says:

      There’s a cauliflower puree in the new book that’s also a good way to eat cauliflower. Also granola bars in next book. So happy to hear you are enjoying the first one!

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