My Kids

So, sometimes we find ourselves amplifying our kids’ strengths,  sometimes we find ourselves lamenting our kids’ struggles.  Often, in this day and age, we are seems to be reluctant to be okay seeing the truth in who they are, because there is so much pressure to present a good front.   I say poop to that.  I think my kids are awesome, and I think I am happy to know them for all that they are.  And I adore them, and they make me nuts.

My kids are (in no particular order) :


























And this list is incomplete, and that’s fine, but I go on record that they rock and confound me every day.  And I’m okay with that.  What are your kids like?

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8 thoughts on “My Kids”

  1. Devra says:

    This is so true, and because we see all the cool stuff, we have to do our darndest to advocate for them in the system. Unless you are willing and able to home school, your kids (like mine) are in a system. And a system is sometimes not flexible enough. My kids are awesome. Warm, funny, aggravating, adorable, loving, angry, brilliant, stubborn, persistent, easily distracted, messy, clever, creative, sleepy, unmotivated, helpful, and on and on. Today I am spending the day dealing with two of them, all day. And I’m fine with it. because I love them. They, as you say, rock. :)

  2. Jill says:

    That is awesome. It sometimes gets hard to really appreciate our children for who they are, when we are bombarded with ideals of perfection. But what is that? Our children are perfect and not perfect, all at the same time. And it makes life more interesting. Chloe is 8 and she is beautiful, kind, empathetic, creative, brilliant, sneaky, mischevious, helpful, loud, shy, fearful, a dare-devil, stubborn and a people pleaser all at the same time.

    1. I’d like to have that kid over for dinner.

      1. Jill says:

        Ha! She will want to help you cook dinner, and you will try to convince her that she really should play because you want to avoid a mess. We are in LA, but in NY often!

        1. that’s so funny! she’s clearly a little too smart for her (your?) own good.

  3. JeNae says:

    Awesome and well-said! I see so many parents who aren’t content to just let their kids BE themselves, and embrace the good and bad. It’s sad that they feel they have to present a perfectly polished child to the world, and any fault is a reflection on their skills as a parent. Parents need to cut themselves some slack – we have kids, we know how it goes. My three are stubborn, kind, sweet, determined, devious, loving, funny, messy, charming, sympathetic, adventurous, distracted, impatient, sympathetic and happy. There are days I want to mail them to a zip code out of state, and days I want to move to Neverland so they won’t ever grow up. I wouldn’t change anything.

    1. I love this so much. Perfect.

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