This is what will be going down at our place on Father’s Day.  Boy, I sure hope the kids give Gary a coupon for a night off of dish washing….


Scallop and Pancetta Kebabas with Balsamic Glaze

The good news is that this glaze is lovely on chicken, cod, salmon, and pork as well.  The tanginess of the balsamic vinegar plays very well against the sharpness of the mustard and the sweetness of the brown sugar.  Little slivers of pancetta interspersed between the scallops add such a sly little salty hit (and regular bacon can certainly be substituted).

Deviled Eggs

What a fine and cheery little appetizer deviled eggs are. Sunny yolks are blended up with either the simplest of seasonings, or infused with any number of flavors. They look fun, they taste fun, they are easy to make, and I don’t care how sophisticated you are, you want one and you know it.


Asian Baby Back Ribs

I almost feel like paper napkins should be listed in the actual ingredient list, since they are so critical to the enjoyment of this dish.  These are great eaten outside, with no white clothes or tablecloths or cushions in sight.  Also, line the pan with tin foil before you bake them for easy clean up (the alternative kind of sucks).

Mashed Potatoes

Whenever Gary hears that mashed potatoes are on the menu, he pulls out that old Bewitched-era chestnut, “Mashed potatoes? Honey, did you wreck the car?” Funny man. Actually, the line was amusing to him until the time that I actually wrecked the car and then made mashed potatoes for dinner. Who’s funny now?

Simplest Freshest Spring Greens

We need something to counterbalance the over-the-top decadence that comprises the rest of the menu.

Steamed Corn on the Cob


Atlantic Beach Pie

The beauty of this pie lies in the play between the salty, dense crust made from saltines, and the creamy sweet-and-tart filling featuring citrus juice.  The billows of whipped cream don’t hurt.


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