A Week of Summer Meals

I have the exceptional good fortune of being able to work from wherever there is a kitchen and electricity, which means I am spending a hunk of time in Connecticut. And this means there is a lot of grilling and dinner parties going on. Here is a smattering of the things I have been cooking, eating, and sharing with friends over the past week or so. Just getting started.

A gorgeous cow’s milk cheese, some castelvetrano olives, and hunks of bread.

Watermelon radishes from our garden.

Tomato, basil, and mint bruschetta.

Macaroni salad with smoked salmon, tomato, and dill.

Dinner for the in-laws: grilled herbed chicken, asparagus, and zucchini.

Berry Harry Potter face for breakfast, created by Charlie.

Cherry pie, made by my friends Jean, Aaron, and David.

Garlicky grilled steak, asparagus, and tomatoes and fresh mozzarella with red onions and balsamic vinegar.

Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon from Pike Market, and english muffins with sweet butter.

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