I wanted to write about each of the recent four cities which I traveled to with my kids (and sometimes my mother and my husband) in the past nine days. I wanted to, but that would have meant less sleep and fewer activities (but do eat at the café at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, and try the quesadillas and the posole; and don’t eat at the café at the Science Museum near the King Tut exhibit in Seattle. Really. Don’t.

Pike Market

BUT, the grand finale was Pike Market in Seattle, WA, one of the grand-daddies of markets, which we went to just before getting on the plane. It was the shining light at the end of the tunnel, a little gift to myself.

Eaten at market:

  1. Jambon and beurre baguette (god, how much sexier and possibly healthier does that sound than ham and butter) and a croissant from Panier Bakery
  2. Doughnut peaches AND (oh oh, wait for it…) actual doughnuts! from the Daily Dozen
  3. Crumpet from The Crumpet Shop

And here’s what is sitting on the plane with us, being consumed or hoarded, as we wing our way home:

  1. 3, 2 ½, 2, 1 ½  1 pound Bing and Ranier cherries — fat, firm, and in season
  2. Various sandwiches from DeLaurenti, which each came with a little container of herbed olives
  3. Mushroom and smoked mozzarella piroshky from Piroshky, Piroshky
  4. Chamapagne grapes

And in our suitcases:

  1. Tabby Cat pickles, destined to be sliced and served upon Pulled Pork Sandwiches this very weekend, and Tabby Cat Sunchoke Skordalia (I know?  Really?  Who thought of that?)
  2. Beecher’s cheese curds, Flgship cheese, and two kinds of their crackers
  3. Various oils and vinegars from OMG!
  4. Smoked salmon from City Fish Co.
  5. Magic sponge balls from Market Magic Shop, which Charlie has been making disappear all day

Think of me as you read this, dealing with 50 pounds of laundry…


  1. I will be there (from NC) in less than 2 weeks and I can’t wait! Thanks for the tips. I definitely plan to eat my way through the market. It’s my favorite thing to do in Seattle.

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