things to do in washington dcThis trip was thankfully a bit longer than others, in large part due to the fact that my sister, her husband, and two daughters live here, and we turned it into a bit of a family weekend with Gary and the boys coming down for part of it.

Best reason for spending 4 days in DC:

  1. My sister, Elizabeth, her husband Markie, and their two girls.

Great things I ate:

  1. Excellent sashimi and vegetable tempura at Sushiko in Chevy Chase, MD
  2. More sashimi at Spice’s
  3. At my sister’s house, a big bowl of salty olives, tortellini with vodka sauce, and steamed artichokes

Stunning space:

  1. The gorgeous LivingSocial event facility at 918 F Street, where I taught a cooking class for moms. Every room was cooler than the next, and they have a rock climbing wall in the office for employees to blow off any pent-up energy.

Great bookstores I visited:

  1. Politics & Prose
  2. Kramer’s Books and Afterwards
  3. Hooray for Books!

Awfully glad I met:

  1. Cathy Barrow aka Mrs. Wheelbarrow, who has been writing wonderful articles on canning, and gave me a jar of her own strawberry jam with black pepper.

Best thing I did:

  1. Cooked dinner with my sister and a bunch of other volunteers at Miriam’s Kitchen, which has, under the direction of Steve Badt, revolutionized the idea of what a soup kitchen could be, sourcing quality ingredients from great sources and treating the food and the clients with great care. The menu was from The Mom 100: Japanese Restaurant Salad, Teriyaki Beef, Shrimp Stir-Fried Rice, Fudgy One-Pot Brownies, and Berries with Sweetened Yogurt.


  1. We LOVED having you join us! Thanks so much for making time in your busy schedule to prepare and serve dinner to our guests. Your dishes were a hit! Hope you’ll stop by next time you’re in DC. –Jenn at Miriam’s Kitchen

    1. – Every year it changes but yes we do have after sochol routines. Last year I would pick up my two youngest, daughter and son, from H.S and we would almost always go thru the McD’s drive thru. This was special to them because they have been raised on health food from me being an all natural’ homemade is best Mommie(My B.A degree is in Food and Nutrition). This year it is just my son and we have been stopping off at the market for a cold ice tea or smoothie. We have planned to soon go to the gym together and swim. He is my youngest and misses his siblings so he likes to do special things. He is the reason I remain home full time. He wanted me here. I love that he wants me home. My daughter has joined her sister at our community college and we have our special times like going out to coffee/tea or a girlie movie. I even have special routines with my oldest son when he gets home from work. I make him a meal that he loves or just listen to how his day was. I will really miss them when they move out. It does go by way too fast. Enjoy every minute. BTW we still ride bikes together. ox

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