Do You Like Pizza?

Just kidding. Of course you do. And don’t you wish you could make it really, really well at home? Of course you do.

Baking teacher/pizza genius Peter Reinhart is offering an online mini class, Perfect Pizza at Home on Craftsy, and now you can take it for FREE. No more soggy or tough pizza crust, no more wondering about the secret of perfect sauce. Peter knows (he says the perfect pizza is memorable, and that’s the perfect word for it!), and he will tell you everything. In your very own kitchen you will get step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect pizza crust (five different versions to choose from, including a gluten-free crust), sauce recipes, and tips on picking the perfect cheeses and toppings. Watch at your own pace, stop and start when you like, ask your teacher questions—and all of this takes place in your kitchen, with your regular oven. I now know that my sauce has been too thick, and was very surprised to find out what Peter’s secret extra (and very available) cheese was.


Peter is a baking instructor at Johnson & Wales University and a TED Talks speaker. And he’s written five bread-baking books, including The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. The man knows his dough.

I’m going to be teaching a Craftsy class myself in the coming months, and Craftsy is going to let me share this class with all of you first. If you don’t know Craftsy, you will be pretty excited to find out what they are all about—classes in all kinds of cooking (and craft) subjects by master teachers. Always wanted to go to take a cooking class, but never could figure out how to make that work in real life? This is your chance, in bite-size pieces.

So enroll in Perfect Pizza at Home for free today, and learn the secrets of building and baking seriously delicious pizzas! And stay tuned—I can’t wait to tell you about my class later this summer.Pizza

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