Clever Entertaining Idea #1

After I’m done cooking, I sometimes fall down on the job when it comes to crafty or cunning presentation thoughts.  I’m like, “Hey, there’s a sprig of tarragon on the platter, what more do you want from me?”  And then I go somewhere and see all of the cute and smart things people do to make their tables look more interesting, and I aspire to do better.

paper nakpin holder

This adorable way of presenting plastic utensils and napkins and such showed up in my office as part of an ordered-in breakfast meeting spread from Grey Dog Coffee.  Smart, right?  Just folded down and rolled down paper bags.  And disposable and lightweight and environmentally sound all at the same time.  If it’s a windy day, stick a couple of stones in the bottom.

paper napkin holder 2

This is now a summer resolution for me.  Nicer presentation, but without a lot of stress.  Clever ideas welcome (and credit will be given, I promise!)

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2 thoughts on “Clever Entertaining Idea #1”

  1. moonlake says:

    Very cute but how did you get the white around the bag?

    1. Katie Workman says:

      They put one bag inside the other! Inner brown cut along seams and curled, outer bag white (and trimmed).

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